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re: University name changes

Posted by TigerKurt on 6/19/24 at 9:39 am
ulala :rotflmao: :lol:...
The offensive game plan for the Wisconsin game at Lambeau Field. :angry:...

Delacroix fishing trip

Posted by TigerKurt on 6/14/24 at 12:21 pm
A friend and I went yesterday. We fished several spots that I usually fish in Bay Lafourche, the edge of Bay Gardene and Belle Island with live shrimp and couldn't get any trout. The water was clean but no salt taste. We got 7 reds and a sheep on the east side of Belle Island. That's the only spot...

re: There is a deep emptiness today

Posted by TigerKurt on 6/7/24 at 3:50 pm
I feel the pain for sure especially since I am a season ticket holder and could be at The Box this weekend with a good chance of returning to Omaha. :wah:...

Delacroix fishing

Posted by TigerKurt on 6/6/24 at 5:16 pm
Anyone got any reports? I last fished Delacroix 2 weeks ago and got 6 reds and 2 drum & a few throwback trout. Caught them in Bay Shallow and Lake John. My plan was to try on the outside (Bay Lafourche and Black Bay) but it was way too windy....

What a turnaround

Posted by TigerKurt on 6/2/24 at 8:51 pm
How many of us thought after the 1st inning of the first game that we would out score Wofford and UNC by 21-5 in the 2 games??? :geauxtigers:...

re: NCAA Regionals 2024 Talks

Posted by TigerKurt on 6/1/24 at 3:16 pm
Tigers HOST super regional!!!!...

re: GUILLOT was the key today

Posted by TigerKurt on 6/1/24 at 10:34 am
[quote]Gulf Coast Tiger[/quote] You nailed it :bow: :geauxtigers:...
You know the AAC is weak when toolame wins the conference tournament. :lol:...

re: Delacroix fishing

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/26/24 at 6:16 pm
You will have to go the outside (Bay Lafourche, Black Bay, Bay Gardene, etc for trout. You can get some reds in the 4 Horse, Lake John, Bay Shallow areas. Good luck....

re: Have we named this game yet?

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/25/24 at 5:14 pm
Monster Mash :nana: :geauxtigers:...

Monster Mash

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/25/24 at 5:02 pm

re: Starting pitcher tomorrow

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/21/24 at 1:04 pm
He would have 9 days rest....

re: Does that put LSU in the Regionals?

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/21/24 at 12:59 pm
YESSSSSS we’re INNNNNN :nana: :geauxtigers:...

re: Josh Pearson and Clutch Defense

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/19/24 at 10:06 am
[quote]Lester Earl[/quote] :lol: :rotflmao:...

re: Boat fuel tank additive

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/13/24 at 12:18 pm
I fill it up because when the tank is full, there’s less of a chance of water build up....

Boat fuel tank additive

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/13/24 at 10:01 am
I have a 30 gal tank and only use non ethanol gas. I fill up after every fishing trip but only burn 5-10gallons. What does the O-T recommend as a fuel additive to treat the gas and clean the injectors? Thanks...

re: Weather terms you hate to hear….

Posted by TigerKurt on 5/9/24 at 11:08 am
Cone of certainly ...