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Posted by BadatBourre
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What from the Spring Game shows improvement on the defensive side of the ball? Did you just not watch it, or do you think what was shown on Saturday gives you hope?

I keep repeating myself over and over. We jumped the gun on firing House. He was here 2 years. His first year was damn impressive considering what he was left with. Do you all just think he lost that coaching ability in year 2, or maybe the talent we have just isn't that good? Its year 4, and even year 5 for some of these guys and we still cant figure out zone coverages. I keep hearing "blame House" or "Our talent isnt there". Which one is it?

I keep hearing how we only ran Cover 2 and Cover 3 during the spring game, and some of you think that's a sign of hope because while we looked bad, we only ran 2 coverages. Let me tell yall something, the fact that after 4 years we still have players who are lost in actual high school coverages isnt good. Our Safeties looked lost. Our DB's had no signs of improvement. Our D line had no push or even contain. Hell, everyone's favorite player Perkins, LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST YEAR. Where is this improvement we keep talking about?
Posted by chadr07
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 1:51 pm to
Major Burns and Greg Penn are just who they are going to be regardless of coaching which is below average players.

These guys has had plenty of time and experience to get better and they havent gotten even the slightest better.
Posted by chadr07
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 1:55 pm to
Another thing that amazes me is that you think people like Sage and Burns is going to all of a sudden find this hidden talent they never knew they had when they’ve been horrible their entire tenure here.

Players like that are as good as they are going to get. Unfortunately Brian Kelly apparently doesn’t have anybody else to replace them with so he’s forced to trot that dog shite out on the field.
Posted by TeamLSU
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 2:31 pm to

I'm just saying, counting on half of the defense to make MASSIVE strides

The defense this year doesn't have to make MASSIVE strides, hell, they just have to be competent and LSU will compete for the playoffs.
Posted by BadatBourre
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 2:47 pm to
Why do yall keep repeating this? From what was shown on Saturday, what makes you think we dont have an exact repeat of last year?
Posted by StadiumDormNEZ72
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This running game could be top 5 type

LesMiles Ground'n'Pound, shorten the game, but without the D?
Posted by tigerfoot
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 4:02 pm to

House was just that bad, the whole fricking D was lost on just about every down. There is no way they were all that untalented. Crazy how much of a difference a good coach can make, let's hope we have one now.
if House want bad how will better coaching help?
Posted by S
RIP Wayde
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 4:09 pm to
Our safety play has fallen off an enormously tall, jagged rocky arse cliff
Posted by Sissidog02
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BTJ 22- subbed in as the #3,4 WR
BTJ 23- lead nation in TDs
BTJ 24- 1st round draft choice
Players CAN and DO improve
Posted by Scoob
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Guys do get better and elite coaching can absolutely make a difference.

I'm just saying, counting on half of the defense to make MASSIVE strides between last year and this year is pretty fricking ambitious.

I think it's clear the defensive staff failed pretty badly last year, as evidenced by the complete overhaul.

In 2023, we lost the d line coach, and the other coaches tried to take up the slack. They couldn't, to the point where Kelly called up an 80 yr old out of deep retirement to help out.
I think in trying to help with the line, those guys neglected their own position groups in the process, and it was a systemic failure.

We've hired an entire new group of coaches, with more dedicated to the defense than we would have in 2023, even if we had a line coach.

The only "ambitious" thing is roster assessment, seeing if you have enough talent to work with (assuming you can develop them).

I will point specifically to Omar Speights as evidence for this. He had the physical talent, as seen by his performance in pro day stuff. He had the on-field performance at a P5 school prior to coming here. Spare me the SEC vs Pac 12 drivel, Speights would have faced Washington, Oregon, Utah, USC, Boise and then Florida in the bowl in 2022. Oregon was 10-3, with a blowout loss to Utah, and 3 pt losses to USC and Washington.
Speights was named 1st Team All Pac 12 based on how he did.

That should have translated to being a good linebacker here at LSU. If not All SEC, he still should have been solid as hell, someone you don't have to worry about at all. He looked lost all season long.
That's coaching.
Posted by Sweep Da Leg
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 6:53 pm to

quote:Major Burns is straight up lost 90-95% of the time. Greg Penn was completely incapable o These two players starting again this year is insanity

I don’t understand it
Posted by 33inNC
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 7:03 pm to
I'll admit I didn't watch the spring game, but I am hoping for it to get significantly better.

As others have said, players like Speights looked completely lost last year when they have tape to the contrary. I think, for whatever reason, House completely lost the respect of the entire D and no one listened to him. The players looked out of shape and uninterested all year, so a change was warranted.

Forgive me and others for being optimistic, but 2023's D was HISTORICALLY bad, so there is nowhere to go but up!
Posted by GeauxHouston
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 7:20 pm to

A&M defense

Was ranked top 20 in the nation.. just sayin
Posted by BigDaddySims
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 9:01 pm to
The difference this season will be coaching.
Posted by BadaBingBadaBoom
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Josh will be in the NFL for a while. Reminds me of Dalton Hilliard
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Posted by BadatBourre
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You may want to go watch the Spring game. Not a lot has changed since last year. Spent a lot of money on coaches for the team to look the exact same.
Posted by LSUShock
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Another year of Josh Williams blocking out of the backfield...
Posted by redfishfan
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Good analysis but you missed the biggest mistake that allowed that counter to work. The playside defensive end got up the field and didn't squeeze allowing the the guard to kick him out. For any power or counter play to work you HAVE to get the kick out block to allow the wrap to get to the second level. The defensive end should squeeze that down and spill the guards block thus negating the wrap and causing all kinds of issues for the offense.
Posted by One Arm Steve
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Posted on 4/18/24 at 3:10 pm to

Major Burns and Greg Penn are just who they are going to be regardless of coaching

You might be right. But if I had a dollar for every time someone said this about Jayden last offseason...
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