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re: I have never seen a coach almost universally hated in the media quite like Kim Mulkey

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Posted by Tiger1988
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I don’t believe she was trying to make a political statement by supposedly ignoring the national anthem. I think she’s being persecuted on purpose, but didn’t redeem herself by the answer she gave.

Ok. What should she have said? Some made up bull shite lie? Why ISNT USC getting railed for doing the same thing?

Just curious since you know more about damage control for something that didn’t hurt a damn person. Only haters said something.

I imagine if Trump was in office, she’d be lauded for their absence.


Also, just for the record, Griner gave an interview with ESPN that it wasn’t about Mulkey, it was about Baylor’s policies in 2013. Why hasn’t that been brought up by any media outlets?

Or when asked Alexis Morris stated the following:

Former Baylor and LSU player Alexis Morris declared, "Coach Mulkey is not homophobic."
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It’s part of her brand; it’ll do well for her when she runs for Senate/House in future.
Posted by Gris Gris
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Posted by semjase
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Kim is white
So was most of the Iowa team that kicked arse Monday night.

Please let the Hawkeyes get South Carolina again and go on to beat the crape/shite out of them........
Posted by Stoic Poser
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Posted on 4/2/24 at 11:24 pm to
No one beating South Carolina
Posted by PlaySomeHonk
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As I said last week, the legacy media is trying to cancel her. She is the Donald Trump of Women’s College Basketball.
Posted by Labossman
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Look at them downvoting away lol
Posted by beauchristopher
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I am so tired of the constant hate Mulkey gets. She has both sides hating her now. And it's always misunderstandings.

People hate her for the Griner stuff at Baylor, yet that was Baylor's own policies wanting her to keep her lesbian status hush. That wasn't on Mulkey. Mulkey does not care what her players say or do as long as they show up for practice. Her players constantly say they love that she lets them be themselves.

Then they hated her, because she didn't do enough for Griner while she was in Russian jail? What is she suppose to do? She is a basketball coach. Griner also spread lies about Mulkey, but Mulkey still wished her the best.

Then people hated her, because she stood up for her player being assaulted on the court by saying pick on someone your own size. So she kept it real? Shouldn't people respect honesty? If a male coach said the same thing under the same circumstances he would be praised.
Not fully Kim related, but you also have Angel Reese getting crap for trash talking yet nobody cares when Clark does it. Nobody should regardless who does it.

Then some tried to call Kim a Karen for going off on journalists for shady behavior towards her team and herself. Yet she was just defending them. And guess what? It worked. They edited their trash content. Again, nothing wrong with this. That is not being a Karen. The UCLA coach losing her mind, because a player said something on the court was acting like a Karen. Mulkey wouldn't care what a player said on the court.

And now you have a mostly conservative fan base hating on Mulkey for something they don't even understand with the anthem. They think they did this as some sort of act of protest, yet they've always done this. And if anything it is done to PREVENT any type of protest. It was not done to be disrespectful. I feel so bad for Mulkey right now, because I honestly believe she is a great person and if people actually truly knew her they would like her. However, many just look for reasons to criticize her. It's really upsetting.

And by the way, Carter pointed out Pat Summitt's teams stayed off the court for the anthem as well. I haven't verified, but there are plenty of teams that aren't out for the anthem. Yet LSU gets all the hate. I am so sick and tired of LSU constantly getting singled out and shite on nationally.
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Posted by TBoy@LSU
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KM don’t care. She just takes what she wants!!!
Posted by Chemcorp158
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People hate her for the Griner stuff at Baylor, yet that was Baylor's own policies wanting her to keep her lesbian status hush.

Baylor is a private Baptist University so you would think that they don't condone their students being "out" publicly. Coaches also wouldn't want them to shout out their sexuality as that could cause them to be removed from the school, and in turn the program.
Posted by Tiger Ugly
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And by the way, Carter pointed out Pat Summitt's teams stayed off the court for the anthem as well. I haven't verified, but there are plenty of teams that aren't out for the anthem.

And I would say "stayed off the court" even gives the wrong impression as if it's a purposeful affront to the anthem. It's not. Teams have pregame routines that have them warming up then going in and coming back at times that fit that routine....for instance every LSU football game I've been to in the last 50 years this is the routine that's followed, the routine has both teams in the locker room during the anthem. They are not waiting in the locker room until the anthem is over as some sort of protest. The whole premise of the story is flawed and ignorant. It's the type of stuff that folks here regularly lampoon when those on the other side do it.
Posted by themunch
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The national anthem nonsense could draw more coaches out to defend Mulkey. Many teams are not/were not on the court for the national anthem. The targeting of Mulkey is very clear in this situation.
Posted by IM_4_LSU
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Up until a few hours ago I loved her so much that I said “she won’t lose after being attacked like that” and made a wager.

This morning I find myself, like Air Supply, all out of love.

This is weak.
Posted by TN Tygah
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Yes let’s get back to the maga “liberal media” conspiracy theories, because we haven’t had enough of that in the past week. I swear y’all just park yourselves in these echo chambers and work yourselves into a rabid frenzy. And from what? Most of it is imagined hypothetical nonsense that your brains eventually convert into “facts”

Dude she didn’t kiss the ring with Brittney Griner and the coverage of Kim Mulkey has never been the same since. Libs DOMINATE the agenda. The only people who don’t see that are ones that agree with everything those idiots say. Look at how they turned on Elon Musk, who’s done more for their precious environment than any person on earth. This is not MAGA, and I’m not MAGA. This is just common sense.

And I don’t wanna hear about echo chambers. Twitter was a left wing echo chamber for 10 years where they silenced conservatives and suspended acounts and the libs egged each other on and went so far left that they think you need to be a biologist to know what a woman is. Libs HAVE to gaslight Republicans to make them sound ridiculous. Whereas conservatives just have to pick any random leftist viewpoint to show how ridiculous the left has become.

At a certain point, we as Americans, whether you’re right or left, we have to just agree on what the frick reality is.
Posted by tigersmanager
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Democrats hate anyone that doesn't join their cult
Posted by Adajax
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She's been a head coach for 24 yrs. She wasn't attacked and hated until she didn't support Grenier to the media's or alphabet group's satisfaction.
Posted by Ebridg3
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Her country accent and out going personality piss them off. Shannon Sharpe goes on and on about how she only gets away with things that "other coaches" wouldnt
Posted by outerstater
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Did the people not like Pat Summitt like it is said that Kim Muckley is not liked. Pat wasn't in the church choir, but you better respect her as most people did even after she kicked your butt.
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You must not have been around when Bobby Knight was coaching.
Posted by lsuconnman
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