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Baseball: Round Rock Classic Info

Posted on 12/8/22 at 5:21 pm
Posted by Box Geauxrilla
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 5:21 pm
I live in Round Rock and I’m excited for LSU baseball to be coming close to home. Wanted to start a thread with some good info for everyone here and to hopefully answer some questions anyone may have. Now is a great time to start planning your visit for a great weekend of baseball. I would love to see Round Rock flooded with Tiger fans.

Date: Feb 24-26th, 2023
Location: Dell Diamond, home of the Round Rock Express (Rangers AAA Affiliate). Round Rock is about a 7 hour drive from Baton Rouge.
Tickets: Starting at $15

Lodging: There are 2 hotels within walking distance of Dell Diamond ballpark, and an RV park even closer.

Kalahari Resort is a brand new indoor water park and hotel located directly across the highway from Dell Diamond. Claims to be the largest indoor water park in America. It is pricey for a room, but you get 4-free water park passes for every day you’re there (including the day you check in and the day you check out). Lots of entertainment and dining at the resort, but in my opinion the food is overpriced and is not that great. The arcade is great for kids.

A brand new La Quinta was just built last year and is within walking distance of the ballpark, along with a few good food options (Tony C’s, Hat Creek Burger, Jersey Mikes, Cork & Barrel).

If you don’t mind driving, nearby Hutto, TX is a great cheap place to get a hotel room. It is about a 5 minute drive from Dell Diamond.

Along with the others restaurants I mentioned above, the famous Salt Lick BBQ is located in the parking lot of Dell Diamond. This is a second location from the original down in Driftwood, but it’s the same owners.

Please bookmark this thread if you’re planning to come to the games, and feel free to ask questions down below.

Posted by DCTXLA
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 5:27 pm to
Can’t wait.
Posted by ell_13
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 5:41 pm to
Booooooooo toonces!

Yayyyyyyyy baseball!!

Wish this field was stronger.
Posted by Adam4848
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 6:00 pm to
Texas midweek coming off of this road trip will be tough
Posted by TexTgrTed
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 6:01 pm to
In. Tigers better finish 3-0 with that field.

Trying to figure out a way to hang around & go back up to Austin for the Tuesday night game at Texass. Never been to DF Field.
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Posted by SoloTiger
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 6:07 pm to
Thanks brother
Posted by tcoates21
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 6:21 pm to
Got my tickets when they went on sale. Can’t wait!
Posted by LSUGoose
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 6:38 pm to
Got my tickets, flights and hotel. Biggest fear is weather. Coldest I've ever been at a baseball game was a few years ago in Austin.
Posted by TexasTiger33
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 7:04 pm to
Many thanks.

I will be there.

Geaux Tigers
Posted by OeauxMy
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 7:10 pm to
I went to a Round Rock Express game there about a year ago. Great Ballpark. Looking forward to a tiger takeover!
Posted by victoire sécurisé
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 7:22 pm to
Round Rock, huh?

Coach Kelly is totally flipping Braylon James from ND isn’t he?

Braylon James

Posted by BordyLSU
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 8:07 pm to
Anyone else getting Intel Club tix?
Posted by Celery
Nuevo York
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 8:17 pm to
Oh nice! I’m in Austin. I wasn’t aware of this, but will be looking forward to it. Thanks!
Posted by The Dozer
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 8:18 pm to
I’m booked at Kalahari 2/24-2/26. LFG
Posted by pickle311
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 8:23 pm to
We will be there
Posted by Sterling Archer
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 8:28 pm to
I live right around the corner from Old Settlers park. Looking forward to this one!
Posted by Mister Ice
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 8:30 pm to
Who down votes this post. Guess it is the same idiot that left Jeter off of HOF ballot. There’s always one who wants to stand out.
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 8:45 pm to

Wish this field was stronger.

Can we please just make sure we beat K-State in something?
Posted by stuckintexas
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 9:20 pm to

I live in Round Rock

I lived in Marble Falls for 13 years. GREAT area, the Hill Country is awesome for any Tigers fans that haven't been. Tons of stuff to do and see, friendly people.

My wife(no pics) is a Sam Houston alum.
Posted by skeezerbaw
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Posted on 12/8/22 at 9:26 pm to
Hope to make it!
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