NFL insider Jay Glazer took a vacation to Thailand with his girlfriend, Rosie Tenison this week...

Mental health check-in from my last day here in Thailand and I am doing GREAT!!! In the blue!

Raising a glass (of water with lemon) to you all and this beautiful place. Rosie and I came out here together for two weeks to work on mind, body and spirit. We ate only anti-inflammatory foods (dropped 10 pounds in a week just from cutting out alcohol and eating the right foods), trained Muy Thai, learned more meditation and breathwork techniques to calm anxiety, worked with monks again for depression and mental health and did a digital detox (hardest part of it) but once we got used to the break from our phones and computers, the anxiety melted away and we connected on a deeper level with each other and everyone around us.

Can’t wait to share with you all over the coming weeks what we learned to hopefully help you all as well. I know not everyone can go to Thailand but I can bring what I learned back to you. We can use these lessons anywhere.

Team Unbreakable. Love y’all.
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RockyMtnTigerWDE13 months
user avatar
Lynxrufus201213 months
Hangover...Part II
user avatar
mtb01013 months
Is that a bald Orgeron
user avatar
coolieaux13 months
He must be from Youngsville
user avatar
jatilen13 months
All these "straight" guys sure love Thailand
user avatar
LSUtiger8913 months
Didn’t realize that the “women/trans/herm” were the only thing in Thailand. I guess some of the most beautiful landscape has nothing to do with it.
user avatar
chryso13 months
When did men's chests become hairless?
user avatar
Dubaitiger13 months
I live in Abu Dhabi and I've been lucky enough to go to Thailand about 64 times and counting as its only a 6 hour flight and there are 4 flights per day just with our local airline Etihad. Between there and Indonesia (40 times) including about 17 times to Bali mostly in October for a golf tournament, those 2 places are my favorite places in the world. You can do everything Jay claims and much more there.
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cajunmud13 months
I was looking to buy a condo/apt over there a few years ago. The price is right, the cost of living is low, healthcare is 1st world, the babes are everywhere...but for a foreigner, you can't own anything outright. You can only go 50/50 with the gov. How would you like a tyrannical gov as your roommate...haha?
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lsuoilengr13 months
Was that the Bali Classic?
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DomincDecoco14 months
How the hell are people gonna relate to a guy doing 2 weeks in asia with monks to work on his mental health? Im lucky to go to destin for a long weekend
user avatar
tigerpawl14 months
user avatar
BigPerm3014 months
Jay on that TRT
user avatar
ElTigreFuego14 months
Jay likes a little chocolate with his Winstrol I see. Live your life!
user avatar
WinnPtiger14 months
clown tits
user avatar
Kankles14 months
Why did I lol?
user avatar
Glorious13 months
Honk Honk
user avatar
danilo14 months
Would. Her too.
user avatar
TigahJay14 months
Guess she wants an insider inside her
user avatar
sportjunkie6914 months
Christ is that Leslie Visser after a few bouts with the knife?
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Privateer 200714 months
She was in playboy in early 2000s with her twin sister.
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cypresstiger14 months
What is it about Thailand these days?
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VincentVega14 months
Leg day includes bench press and flies.

But good for him. Seems like a likable dude.
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KeepBrianKelly14 months
She is top-heavy. Don't tip the boat.
user avatar
GeorgeTheGreek14 months
Jay Glazer looks like a thumb
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