A Buffalo man reportedly had to be transported to a hospital after falling into a construction hole at the site of the Bills' new stadium...
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BurntOrangeMan10 months
Lightweight, Manziel snagged a Heisman on that same roll 5 days a week.
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whodatfan10 months
sorry for partying
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nealnan810 months
The LSD made him not realize what he was doing...
The Cocaine convinced him that he could do it...
The Pot just helped with the pain.
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DeafVallyBatnR10 months
Done 2 of the 3 together and 1 of the 3 alone. Never all 3 together. Sometimes wonder how I lived through the 90s.
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Napoleon10 months
Can't be high and on LSD it cancels the rest out.
You could drink 4 5ths of liquor on LSD and but be drunk.

Dude was tripping.
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StadiumDormNEZ7210 months
Sorry for the fat finger downvote; I agree and can testify- weed or cocaine doesn’t make you wind up nekkid and falling in a hole; that was all LSD??
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tigerterrace10 months
He will still have a lawsuit for the site not being secured.
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GeauxTigers010710 months
So that's why we haven't seen damone around here
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Jay Quest10 months
All required medications for living in Buffalo with winter approaching.
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G Khan10 months
Need to see pics/mugshot. All mugshots are judged agains Nick Nolte's GHB mugshot lol.
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goodgrin10 months
Hookers and blow?
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GregMaddux10 months
Id like to fly. But my wings have been so denied.
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coopsdad10 months
Sorry for partying
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TigerB810 months
Damn. He's trying to "burn out rather than fade away"
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Play_Neck10 months
One hundred percent he will sue (and hopefully get zeroed)
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cajunmud10 months
Lawyer line on the left...against the wall, let the gurney thru.
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Signal Soldier10 months
Sounds like he's living to the fullest
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jbird710 months
What seems to be the officer problem?
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