Johnny Manziel Appears To Have A New Girlfriend
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According to TMZ Sports, the former first-round pick Johnny Manziel was spotted on the beach with possibly his new girlfriend, Instagram model Kenzie Walker...

“Johnny certainly looks serious about the comeback … ’cause he brought along a ball as he caught some rays with a bikini-clad Kenzie Werner,” TMZ wrote. “We’re told Warner and Manziel aren’t strangers — in fact, they’ve spent a lot of time together in recent weeks … and partied it up in Scottsdale over the weekend.”

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user avatar
VoxDawg25 months
Oh. Look. Another plastic Instaho.
user avatar
Cockopotamus25 months
Is Larry gonna get banned for the nip pic? Of course not. Chicken wouldn’t ban himself.
user avatar
GreatPumpkin25 months
I’m sure this will all end well
user avatar
barbapapa25 months
needs more makeup
user avatar
TygerDurden25 months
He certainly has a type.
user avatar
cwil17725 months
Those things are in different counties
user avatar
Black n Gold25 months
Manziel has to frequent TD, because it’s the only place he’s still talked about.
user avatar
Robber DeNiro25 months
Plastic or not dem cheeks are nice!!!
user avatar
elposter25 months
Look at Manziel. Hard to believe that guy won a Heisman trophy. He's 29 and looks completely unathletic.
user avatar
Booyow25 months
She doesn’t even look like a real person
user avatar
CJD4LSU25 months
The most notable thing that I took away from that article is that Nick Cannon has to be the most fertile man in the game today. Bre Tessi is now pregnant with another baby Cannon.
user avatar
IIxxBREADxxII25 months
He has s type
user avatar
idlewatcher25 months
Holy filters batman!
user avatar
ImBatman25 months
What filters?
user avatar
brett40825 months
she looks smart
user avatar
El Magnifico25 months
user avatar
tigerpawl25 months
Professor Emeritus Leo is very pleased about this. Buckle up everybody, for a steady diet of the "Johnny Football & Kenzie" show.
user avatar
ATLTiger25 months
He's gotta type what, Larry? Don't leave us hanging, what does he have to type?!?!?!?!?!
user avatar
Breauxsif25 months
So Manziel likes hoe’s? Ravishing stuff Larry.
user avatar
aubiecat25 months
His type seems to be plastic and stupid.
user avatar
Sisselpud8125 months
Ya he's got a type. It's called slut. Used to be gold digging slut. I don't understand what the appeal is now for said sluts.
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