Video has surfaced on social media, showing former NFL star Jason Kelce's wife, Kylie, appearing to get harassed by a fan in Sea Isle City on the Jersey Shore...

A brief clip of the interaction was captured and posted on social media ... with Philly-based podcast "Word to the Wise" claiming the married couple was minding their business when they were stopped by someone wanting a picture outside Steve & Cookies in New Jersey

The outlet cited multiple witnesses who are adamant the Kelces politely declined the photo-op ... but the woman didn't take it lightly as she approached them and started yelling.

The vid shows Kylie and the woman going at it within inches of each other's faces ... when a man steps in between them to try and break it up.
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user avatar
Pizza Dan25 days
Vagina people are cray cray.
user avatar
BurrowToChase25 days
lol. I want to be a famous libtard. But only from a distance.
user avatar
Saint Alfonzo25 days
Jersey people are mostly trash. But so are Philly people.
user avatar
TFH25 days
frickin Jersey’s gonna Jersey
user avatar
BradBallard26 days
You can take Kylie out of Delco, but you can’t take the Delco out of Kylie. The Kelce’s are the king and queen of the Jersey Shore.
user avatar
supatigah26 days
how is this woman going to see that she is "never let in this town again"
user avatar
Deuces26 days
Pauly, she’s bein’ a jerk off!
user avatar
ALhunter26 days
In these situations I find a nice loud "WORLD STAR... GET EM KAREN" while obviously busting out a cell phone camera can do wonders as these idiots realize how silly they're being.
user avatar
WhoDatNC26 days
Should have pancaked her little arse.
user avatar
SwampyWaters26 days
Nice to see there is still a healthy population of trailer trash throughout the country!
user avatar
CanebreakCajun26 days
Trailer trash will be what saves the country.
user avatar
Brummy26 days
Filing away the term "crumb bum" for use later.
user avatar
Spend all your time trying to get attention. Then when you get the attention, get mad about it.
user avatar
Nix to Twillie26 days
How was she trying to get attention?
user avatar
jbird726 days
“Don’t you talk about my family!”.
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