Here's Johnny Manziel In A Ball Pit At Coachella
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Oh yea, he'll be fine...

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deathvalleyrox2798 months
what a tool
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atltiger648798 months
"he's just a young guy with money having fun...." I do hope that's sarcasm. Most people a few years out of college have jobs and act (mostly) like adults. He's never going to be a great NFL QB, but he can still hang in the league for 10 years, and make 10+ million dollars, but he's sniffing it away.
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Klark Kent98 months
he's just a young guy with money having fun....
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LOL98 months
cocaine is a hell of a drug
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GeeOH98 months
Too much weight on his back foot, he needs help for that bad! Oh yea, he's skinny because cocaine, heroin, and alcohol every day take their toll on you.
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PhilipMarlowe98 months
Unless the photo is just distorted/strange in some way, jff appears to have lost a ton of weight. That's a no Bueno.
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GoldenBoy98 months
Looks like he's using that as a way to stay in shape. You gotta give him some credit here. :thup:
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texashorn98 months
I think he's on heroin
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BobABooey98 months
Mr. Worldwide - Pitball
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Schmelly98 months
Dam, he's turning into the white Tyrone biggums
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genuineLSUtiger98 months
The cocaine appears to be taking it's toll on Johnny.
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PolyPusher8698 months
Obviously, Larry has a gay man crush on Manziel, but really, this kid is such a disappointment, so much opportunity and talent down the drain
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Babboo98 months
Is this what he meant by "I love to play ball" in his TMZ interview??
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