Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, was getting all poetic on Instagram this week...

Sunrises and sunsets are daily proof that the day can start and end beautifully, the rest in between is up to you.

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#Travel #Fashion #Sunset #Ocean

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ExpoTiger13 months
Stop making posts about this dude
user avatar
KennabraTiger13 months
Look at me!
user avatar
CDawson13 months
You are. Every single time a post comes out!
user avatar
MidWestGuy13 months
I thought I'd give this Gracie another chance. Nope, not even worth a click. Not unattractive, but just not worthy of any attention, considering the 'competition'.
user avatar
Hangit13 months
She is cute but not sexy. If she was music, she has very few mids, and no lows. She is just missing that oomph.
user avatar
chalmetteowl13 months
I don’t get it
user avatar
baldona13 months
How often does this chick go to Mexico? She's at the games every weekend and then hops on the family jet to vacation weekly?
user avatar
K Baw13 months
its good that she can get away from the busy life of taking pics in KC everyday. Nice that she can get away from the stress and go to Mexico and take pics a couple days a week.
user avatar
MrAUTigers13 months
Sorry. I don't see the appeal with this one. She isn't very attractive. She has a cringe creepy smile. Other than store bought tits, he has nothing going for her......except the family money. The prenup will be iron clad.
user avatar
GatorPA8413 months
Death, taxes and head tilt
user avatar
ThatTahoeOverThere13 months
user avatar
Booyow13 months
That’s being too nice IMO
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