Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, celebrated her 24th birthday on Wednesday in a Kobe Bryant jersey and listing the 24 things she's learn in her 24 years...


24 Things I’ve Learned In 24 years

1. Don’t worry about the opinions of people you would never ask advice from.
2. Say yes and be spontaneous.
3. Life is like running a marathon, you just need to focus on the next mile ahead of you.
4. Love yourself: our self-perceived imperfections and weaknesses are often our greatest hidden strengths.
5. Get outside—even just for a few minutes each day.
6. Keep it classy, sassy, and a little bad a$$y.
7. Take your vitamins daily and get a blood panel annually (even better if you learn to read it!).
8. Learn something new each day.
9. Educate yourself on the food you’re eating and how it impacts your health.
10. It’s better to be single and focused than dating someone who isn’t right for you and distracts you from your purpose.
11. Perspective is everything—make an effort to see things from other points of view.
12. Find work that brings you joy and give it your all.
13. Make the most of the opportunities before you.
14. You can’t be all things to all people.
15. Failure is an essential part of life and growth.
16. Get right with God and clarity comes more easily.
17. Grounding and time in nature helps heal the mind, body, and soul.
18. Prioritize sleep—it’s essential to be your best self for you and others.
19. Family is everything.
20. Cherish each small blessing. This year I went from running multiple marathons to not running at all. You never know when that mile could be your last for a while, so soak in each step.
21. Control what you can control and let God handle the rest.
22. Finding a fitness goal can help heal hurts & overall health and keep you moving forward.
23. Don’t follow the crowd—pave your own path and walk the road less traveled.
24. Have courage and be kind.

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TigerCoon12 months
them's city miles
user avatar
Champagne12 months
show bob and vagene pls
user avatar
Bulldogblitz12 months
Only a jersey?....and panties...a push up...some filters...
user avatar
scrooster12 months
Not a bad list but .... sheeesh that gal needs to yank herself outta the limelight for a little while, step back and reassess things. Right now she's just another publicity attention hooer. Seems to have the potential to be much more.
user avatar
BayouTiga12 months
So disappointed - Thought she was early 30s.
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Nole Man12 months
Life Lessons From Gracie Hunt
user avatar
bengalman12 months
Gracie Hunt's Tigerdroppings
user avatar
GeauxWrek12 months
Holy filters batman
user avatar
Jcorye112 months
I assumed she was early 30s.
user avatar
tiggerthetooth12 months
She must follow white girl Jesus.
user avatar
TrueTiger12 months
But will she be a good mother?
user avatar
TygerB8R12 months
bitch is thirsty af
user avatar
KennabraTiger12 months
IWHI but she’s annoying as frick
user avatar
ExpoTiger12 months
Looks slightly learning disabled in these pics
user avatar
Parrish_Dawg12 months
She's really not that attractive.
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Finkle is Einhorn12 months
What? She owns an NFL team. Or she will eventually. She’s americas #1 bacherolette
user avatar
Redbone12 months
27. Give a dude named Redbone soma dat poon.
user avatar
danilo12 months
Her father must be proud
user avatar
jatilen12 months
26. If you got a big head, tilt it to relieve the strain on your neck
user avatar
St Augustine12 months
Now Larry is definitely trolling
user avatar
wallowinit12 months
25. Never give a big open mouthed smile when you have too many teeth for your mouth.
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