Ezekiel Elliott's sister, Aaliyah, put on the burners at this weekend's track meet for John Burroughs High School setting a new season best in the 100-meter dash, timing 12.18...
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deuce98512 months
Larry Leo'd
user avatar
narddogg8112 months
That's a man, baby
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mule7412 months
I’ve seen better track athletes in the quad.

… that’s actually true.
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Crimson1st12 months
Just wait, I’m sure there’s a tranny waiting right around the corner to cheat her too.
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weaveballs112 months
This has 59 likes on Twitter, how did it end here?
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Yallcray12 months
Slow sports week?
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CDawson12 months
After reading these comments, some unbelievably miserable people hiding behind screen names on this board.
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ElTigreFuego12 months
Horrible start, she was standing up in her drive phase out of the start. Wasn’t Zeke a state champion hurdler? He needs to help his sister out.
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soccerfüt12 months
Larry, you’re killing your father.
A terrible Nothing Burger here.
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SECdragonmaster12 months
1. Video not impressive.
2. To Zeke’s parent - congrats on having sex twice.
user avatar
GoldenGuy12 months
His mother anyway. Cannot confirm father without DNA test
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dstone1212 months
Whoa. I’ve never seen anything like that. It was V. I. R. A. L.

Your dad is on line two Larry.
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halleburton12 months
This is bad and you should feel bad. To save everyone 12 seconds, a HS girl runs a 12 second 100m. Literally nothing exciting.
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