Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott celebrated Halloween with his girlfriend, Halle Woodard. The couple dressed up as characters from Edward Scissorhands...

(The Spun)
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saints502118 months
Is he in whiteface?
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DoubleDown18 months
Actually I don't give a shite cause I have other things more important.
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KAGTASTIC18 months
HAHAHA....whiteface sighting....he cancelled...oh wait...whites ain't that soft.
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YMCA18 months
I’m offended by the whiteface. I need to go to my safe place.
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Nado Jenkins8318 months
So he dressed up and she just wore a dress?
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Gifman18 months
She's supposed to Winona Ryder's character from the movie, which doesn't take much.
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BobABooey18 months
I leave disappointed but somehow comforted in the fact that my opinion of Larry as a screwup has been confirmed yet again.
user avatar
Water Mocassin18 months
Racist much?
user avatar
cajunmud18 months
What...are these guys importing Hollywood special effects guys to come do them? That wudn't done a hour before heading out.

She's cute tho.
user avatar
VolNavy9818 months
So why is it ok for Black people to do white face, but it’s not ok for White people to do black face? Serious question?
user avatar
SomeLSUguy18 months
Does he have bigger DSL's than her?!?!? ... How does that work?
user avatar
elposter18 months
Probably should have kept your thoughts about Ezekiel Elliot's lips to yourself.
user avatar
ThatTahoeOverThere18 months
That's some funny shite
user avatar
TheTigershark18 months
Tried too hard
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