New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers floated a conspiracy theory about Pat Tillman's death in Afghanistan...
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LSUfourLife8 days
This is a misleading headline IMO. Aaron clearly says, "not the fact - we know he was killed by friendly fire - but the way they handled his body afterwards, his uniform, uh, confiscating his last journal, uh, using his death to prop up the war propaganda..." This is not a conspiracy theory about Pat Tillman's death.

Aaron is saying that the government possibly used it and shaped the narrative around it to their advantage, as they have many times in the past.
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cajunmud10 days
And how many of you stand up and cheer when military planes fly over a civilian sporting event? That's our masters saying to us, "yeah, and we'll use these on you if you object to us shredding the Constitution and stealing your freedoms".

This ain't the America of 1776 folks...that America died when the North invaded the South because the only constitutional taxes (to this day) are excise taxes (tobacco, whiskey, gasoline) and tariffs (imports). Most of the ports where the money to run gov (tariffs) were in the South and them seceding was taking all of that money with them and Lincoln would have been practically broke. MONEY was the reason for the war, not slavery.

Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy. ~ Henry Kissinger (Bankster/Elites' "COO" & famous booger eater)
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bayou8510 days
flyovers are by request. Its not a flex by the government. Any event can request a flyover.
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jrowla210 days
This isn’t a conspiracy. It is known.
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Longhorn Actual10 days
They definitely tried to cover up the fact that Tillman was killed by friendly fire, but he was not killed intentionally, “silenced”, or anything else. I worked with one of the members of his unit, someone who was there when it happened. It was embarrassing negligence/incompetence mixed with “shite happens in combat” - but in this case it resulted in the death of a prominent figure, hence the coverup.
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Clark1410 days
Easy now, that doesn’t fit their narrative. Don’t give them facts, they don’t understand that and it will be met with name calling and such.
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GeauxTigers010710 days
A mouth can say anything
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I’m not going into greater detail on a public forum. Firsthand accounts from honorable men get the benefit of the doubt, especially over theory and conjecture.

Name a high profile GWOT event and I’ve probably had a teammate/friend who was directly involved. The story and the truth are usually “kinda sorta but not really the same”…in most cases.
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Bayou10 days
Not a big Aaron fan but he's spot on here
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Lark22510 days
So he found out what the government was up to...he didn't agree with it so they killed him to silence him? Gotcha and I believe it 100%
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SPT10 days
What a good little drone you are
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Morpheus10 days
Its not a conspiracy Aaron, that's exactly what they did, The documentary on Prime I believe, said all that.
I've learned through years the American government is the enemy in most cases with propaganda.
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TFH10 days
This. There are no good guys and bad guys. There’s only propaganda.
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Timeoday10 days
He is definitely right about FDR. It is a shame what has been done.
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