Saints RB Mark Ingram Shot This 600-Pound Boar
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Saints RB Mark Ingram is doing some hunting this offseason. Here he is posing with the 600-pound boar he nabbed in Tennessee on Friday...
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SECdragonmaster86 months
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TigerAxeOK86 months
Good job, Mark. Need more folks out killing those frickers.
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The Torch86 months
Nice way to hold a rifle idiot, "but it's not loaded". My dad would have kicked my arse for that
user avatar
Marco Esquandolas86 months
Speaking of kicking arse...have you kicked your wife's arse yet?--or is she still locked up?
user avatar
DannyB86 months
user avatar
weagle9986 months
Muzzle is pointed up in the air. Not sure what you are on about.
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BertusTiger86 months
user avatar
TKLSUMD86 months
Big boars stink and don't taste good. He should of shot a 40 pound sow. Now that's good eatin.
user avatar
KennabraTiger86 months
Should have* I'm guessing the MD doesn't stand for anything important
user avatar
brass2mouth86 months
You should have just refrained from posting.
user avatar
JustinT3786 months
Headline should read Mark Ingram & Amy Schumer!
user avatar
eddieray86 months
If his aim is that good you'd think he'd be better at finding holes to run through
user avatar
Gary Busey86 months
You say this shortly after he had a 1000 hard season
user avatar
Cleanmatt86 months
Is Jimmy Kimmel going to cry about this pig?
user avatar
CajunZ8186 months
No because Ingram is black.
user avatar
MoarKilometers86 months
Needs to have fulmer photoshopped in
user avatar
1286 months
I thought that was Fulmer.
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