Once the news broke on Monday morning that Derek Carr had chosen to sign with the Saints, he took to Twitter with two words to describe how he was feeling...
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ThatTahoeOverThere11 months
Who Dat gonna catch dat pass Who Dat
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Vernonbrew2212 months
Does that mean crab legs is gone?
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Amazing Moves12 months
Great QB who has been in a shite organization
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RightWingTiger12 months
Id say he's a ‘good’ NFL QB but certainly not ‘great’. Maybe a Top 15 NFL QB as of the 2022 Season anyway. Adding Carr to the Saints & their Defense definitely improves New Orleans & likely makes them the favorites to win the NFC South at least.
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ImBatman12 months
He's got potential. Who dat!
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Sevensblue12 months
He reminds me a lot of Phillip rivers in his latter years
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Tigers4Lyfe12 months
Not him dats who.
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RummelTiger12 months
I have a feeling I'm gonna like Derek.
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3PieceSpicy11 months
Yeah, until you watch him play
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PsychTiger12 months
He knows to use the Honey Badger to pander to the Saints fans.
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BobABooey12 months
Expect a statement saying he’s looking forward to the best food and the best fans in the league.
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