NFL analyst Michael Robinson took a veiled shot at former Saints star QB Drew Brees while drawing comparisons to Denver Broncos QB Bo Nix, saying that Brees wasn't that athletic as a player. Drew than had some fun with it...

I had to have some fun with this one! I appreciate the comparison @real_mike_rob . Bo Nix will be a stud in the NFL. I still haven’t seen many QBs doing this though…gotta be an athlete! Tape don’t lie! @nfl

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atltiger648717 days
Drew Brees is a coward
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CajunBullet21 days
Leave poor Drew alone. He still hasn't recovered from his double knee replacement from all of the kneeling he did while he was in the league! LMAO
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Timeoday22 days
Oregon is all about hype. The hype comes from NIKE which is really what NIKE is all about.
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Jaydeaux22 days
Where’s the Brees couldn’t hold Nix’s clipboard guy lol
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TigerFan24422 days
Is this dude seriously comparing Bo Nix to Drew Brees - one of the most prolific and accurate passers in the history of the NFL?!?! C'mon man.
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ALhunter22 days
Should have been "MORE athletic Drew Brees"... the reality is that's a very high high high bar and reaching the passing level of Brees will be unlikely.
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cajunmud22 days
Saying shitt just to be saying shitt.
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bengalman22 days
Who the F even watches these clowns that obviously have ZERO knowledge.
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soccerfüt22 days
“Drew Brees Claps Back At NFL Analyst…” Your Father Is Extremely Proud Of Your Effusive Urbanity, Sire Lawrence
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diat15022 days
Drew punked him. Made
Me gain a little respect back
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SPT23 days
We do know he’s a coward and kneeler
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Furious23 days
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More rushing TDs than that scrub Robinson ever dreamed of having in his career/ BUM!
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Drizzt23 days
Brees can’t run fast on his knees
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loogaroo23 days
I've seen Brees dunk. Michael Robinson is FOS.
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Mr Happy23 days
I'd like Brees a lot better if he didn't bar Brady from being a Saint.
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Revorising22 days
Yeah that kinda sucked….. but Sean was the architect behind the Saints’ failures after all those years
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Clark1423 days
I’ve seen a lot of what would be considered non athletic in my lifetime who were successful. Is this a thing now?
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