Watch Louisville Fan Sink Full-Court Putt And Win...A Bottle Of Bourbon?
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
This is really impressive. A Louisville fan sank a full-court putt last night and only got a bottle of bourbon for the amazing feat...
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Should be not get more and a bottle?

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Lithium27 months
Obviously you're not a bourbon drinker
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DocRock27 months
Oh, so he "only" won a bottle of Pappy? LOL People camp out for days in front of stores when they hear of Pappy coming in a shipment. I'd be ECSTATIC to be "stuck" with a bottle of Pappy for sinking that shot. lol
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy27 months
That is no ordinary bottle of bourbon, sonny
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Thracken1327 months
props to the guy for making it, but more importantly for the Shooter McGavin finger shot
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Lynxrufus201227 months
Pappy Van Winkle dumbarse. Made at Buffalo Trace distillery and found nowhere. They announce they have a few bottles to sell and a thousand people get in line. I had a friend score two bottles a couple years ago. Or go win a National Championship. LINK /
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I see you took a break from fapping to Paige.
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jbird727 months
Pappy is the best out there. That bottle is worth a lot of money Larry. Do your research.
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CAD703X27 months
ol larry knew exactly what he was doing when he made this post. more comments = more clicks = more money
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TheTigershark27 months
Did he go back for his jacket?
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BlackPot27 months
That bottle of bourbon worth about $5k
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jembeurt27 months
Exactly. “Only” a bottle that’s worth more than most things you own, Larry. You’re killing your father.
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bigberg200027 months
Yeah thats a very expensive bottle.
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TFH27 months
Paying that kind of money for bourbon just because they don’t make much of it is so dumb. Yeah it’s good. But is it worth that? frick no. It’s just bragging rights. If y’all need something to brag about that bad, sorry boutcha little dick
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Geauxld Finger27 months
That bottle of bourbon could be worth &500-$1000
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crossfire27 months
Go higher
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