Sam Smith Accuses Of Michael Jordan Of 'Blatant' Lies During 'The Last Dance'
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Long-time Chicago-based sportswriter and writer of the book The Jordan Rules, Sam Smith, accused Michael Jordan of lying a number of times during "The Last Dance"...
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You can listen to the whole interview here.

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Magazine St49 months
I don’t get any reason to make up a story about food poisoning supposed to getting the flu.
user avatar
xGeauxLSUx49 months
Man, LeBron must have spent a fortune on this MJ smear campaign.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn49 months
Damn Sam Smith fan club in full effect here.
user avatar
Da #1 Stunna49 months
...but the thing at the end was a complete blatant lie." What is he referring to? What was a lie, the food poisoning/pizza? Who cares? Flu? Food Poisoning? Whatever. The guys was hurting big time. Or is that a big giant lie too, Sam Smith, loser newspaper writer, coat tail rider. Could you tell he wasn't himself? Do you think he was looking for an excuse in the Finals? A game they needed? Yeah, that was all nonsense. According to who? Sam Smith. The guy that burned Horace Grant, the writer with no access to the Bulls after his garbage book was published is commenting on something that happened 4 years after his book DQ'd him from team access. You think he might have an ax to grind against Jordan?
user avatar
Blind Zebras49 months
MJ is a piece of shite, just like Lebron. They are also competing for goat pos
user avatar
pellietigersaint49 months
Salty bitch are ya?
user avatar
TexasTiger0849 months
You guys are pathetic. Multiple people have called Jordan a liar. If this happened to Lebron, people would shite on Lebron. Nobody wants to hold MJ’s feet to the fire though.
user avatar
TigersJump49 months
LeBitch Blames gets respect from nobody.
user avatar
Hat Tricks49 months
Who? Did anybody even know who Sam Smith is before The Last Dance?
user avatar
biglego49 months
I thought he was a singer. Maybe the most generic name possible.
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy49 months
Maybe Sammy Boy was lied to and MJ is telling the truth now
user avatar
diat15049 months
What’s that old honky know? Lies lies lies always trying to tear a successful black man down.
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller49 months
Fanboys will be up in arms.
user avatar
nol1wph49 months
STFU already Sammy. Who cares?
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