Michael Jordan doesn't need to be physically on the court to keep making his millions. According to Front Office Sports, Nike's Jordan Brand hauled in a record $5.1 billion in 2022. And with Mike taking home a reported 5% of the Jumpman's annual earnings, that means the six-time NBA champ made $256.1 million last year alone...
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tigerinthebueche15 months
Viking Yacht salesman just got an erection. "Hey Mike, how bout an upgrade?"
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KAGTASTIC15 months
Wonder how much he kicks back to all his bastard kids on a yearly basis.
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atltiger648715 months
not sure the numbers are correct. Does Jordan make 5% of the gross REVENUE, or 5% of the EARNINGS (which is the profit from those revenues, and would be far, less)? Still a ton of money, but don't confuse "revenue" with "earnings."
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9th Green At 915 months
I like financial people that think like me. I said to myself while reading the post..."I bet Jordan actually got $150M, then he got taxed on that $150M, so he pocketed roughly $60M"...The life
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Salviati15 months
Royalty contracts are typically based on net sales, not earnings. Net sales are more difficult to manipulate than earnings. Accordingly, it appears the article accurately states Jordan collected about $256.1 million.
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soccerfüt15 months
Larry, that’s not how much MJ earned in 2022.
You are killing your father, and us too.
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MintBerry Crunch15 months
“ the six-time NBA champ made $256.1 million last year alone.”
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CanebreakCajun15 months
Mint that what he made from Nike. That is not all he made. He made much more than that
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TheRouxGuru15 months
The calculator on my phone don’t even go up to 5 billion :lol:
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idlewatcher15 months
I’m happy to report I helped him make some of that when I was 11
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Bayoubred15 months
And yet they complain about Big Oil profits...
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GeauxLSUGeaux15 months
At least big oil isn’t using slave labor
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Napoleon15 months
Well not everyone needs shoes.
Everyone wasn't blaming the president for high shoes prices. It amazes me that we never blame oil companies for high gas prices.
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PeleofAnalytics15 months
Jordan brand is a luxury good. People normally don't take issues with profits earned from them because consumers can just decide not to buy it and no big deal. Consumer theory and behavioral economics separates luxury and normal goods.
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TexasTiger8915 months
Crazy. Good for Michael.
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