Prince Fielder's Home Run Ball Destroyed This Poor Gal's Phone
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Talk about your ball park souvenir. This poor gal's phone was destroyed by a Prince Fielder home run ball during the Rangers game against the Astros on Thursday...
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Zappas Stache94 months
In her defense, with Prince at the plate the last thing you expect is a hit let alone a HR.
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NFLU794 months
Why is that? Prince is known for being a power bat...
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Harry Caray94 months
Typical Rangers fan just there for the free wifi
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CCTider94 months
At this point, is Larry trolling us?
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WG_Dawg94 months
I'm quite sure that most people clicking on this shite article were expecting to see video of the ball hitting the phone. Instead we get an interview. Another riveting article by Larry.
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Mr. Hangover94 months
Then put your fricking phone down at a baseball game... She's lucky it didn't knock her out
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Polycarp94 months
Isn't that the truth? All I see are people on their damn phone. Put the damn thing in your pocket, and enjoy the game, or stay home.
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3nOut94 months
i refuse to believe that Fielder could hit 2 things in one day.
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