After the Angels suffered a 2-1 loss to the Athletics on Opening Day, All-Star third baseman Anthony Rendon had a physical altercation and a fan. Warning: Language NSFW...
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The Oakland Police Dept. says it has seen video of Anthony Rendon's altercation with the fan and it has now launched an investigation into the matter...[quote]"Although we are still unaware who the victim is," an OPD spokesperson said in a statement to TMZ Sports on Friday afternoon, "surveillance video of the incident has surfaced. As a result, OPD created an incident, made a report, and is actively investigating."
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droliver13 months
that should be an automatic suspension by MLB of Rendon. The fans are your customers.
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CDawson13 months
Todays players are such soft pu$$ies.
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imjustafatkid13 months
If it weren't for opposing fans, most Angels games would be mostly empty. They probably shouldn't be assaulting the people paying the bills.
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Feelthebarn13 months
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Timeoday13 months
So a man's verbal assault causes a verbally assaulted man to grab another mans shirt and hold him still while the verbally assaulted man questions him about being verbally assaulted. What am I missing?
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GeauxTigers010713 months
A working brain?
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KAGTASTIC13 months
So the fan didn't report it, but the local PD has essentially called it a crime. Ummmmm dude was going to walk away with just the story to tell at the bar, but thanks to the PD statement he's gonna now get paid. Interesting...can't make this shite up.
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JackaReaux13 months
How is it unclear who the victim is? One guy allegedly called the ball player a bitch. The ball player put his hands on him and tried to assault the fan?
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cheeto22513 months
Meaning they don't know the "victim's" name. Or do you somehow see a clear pic of his face with his name plastered to it?
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sml7113 months
He didn't "try" to assault the fan. He *did* assault the fan.
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OchoDedos13 months
Didn't have Wayne Graham to kick the fans arse
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Tiger198813 months
If he doesn’t step on that bat and twist his ankle or whatever happened to get him injured, they win that regional. He was really good.
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dstone1213 months
Swing and a miss again.
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