Shaq made headlines last week when he came out and said that LSU Women's Basketball star Angel Reese could "probably be the greatest athlete (male and female) to come out of LSU Sports."

TMZ spoke with former Lolo Jones this week, who thinks Shaq needs to pump the breaks.

"Shaq knew what he was doing," Jones said. "Shaq's just bored. He's coming off hip surgery. He's chilling at home. I think Shaq, honestly, is high on some pain medicines. The list is so big with LSU."

"So, for Shaq to have the audacity to say 'she's the best ever,'" Jones continued, "I'm like, 'Bro, chill on the pain meds,' because that list is arduous. So long."

"We're not hating on Angel. We love to see it. She's cooking. Let her keep cooking. But I'm telling you, LSU track and field is the powerhouse for that university."

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Geaux Guy14 months
Shaq is having fun. Let’s have fun.
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Tom Bronco14 months
Athlete usually discounts learned skills and just goes to your ability to run, jump, change direction, eye hand coordination, etc. So strictly going by that definition, most of our male athlete's would be greater. Even if you are going on athlete plus learned skills, I can think of dozens of male basketball players who were better. I mean Pete Maravich, Chris Jackson, Bob Petit, and even Shaq himself. Get serious Shaq.
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Skinny14 months
All i see here is a hottt single 40 year old yelling on zoom.
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Jay Quest14 months
LOLO is 100% correct. Miracle Mike Miley is LSU's best two-sport athlete. I don't know if that makes him the best athlete ever but he has to be front and center in any conversation on the matter. Starting QB on a successful football team and was a first-round selection in the MLB draft. Athletes like that are rare.
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KAGTASTIC14 months
Brah...get outta here with throwing a white boy into the conversation...
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JackieTreehorn14 months
Middle aged woman clinging to what little fame she ever had. How embarrassing.
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LSUvet7214 months
Lolo Jones got her feelings hurt. She evidently thinks she should be the GOAT.
Check your ego Lolo it’s way out of line.
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Mud_Bone14 months
About 10 minutes of Shaq Diesel in that tiny hole and she would be speaking another language.
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zippyputt14 months
Silly talk by shaq.
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tiger10914 months
She has never been more right in her life. Shaq was probably throwing bate.
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KennabraTiger14 months
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MirrOlure14 months
Lolo speaking sense
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Taurus14 months
Alvin Dark would like a word, but USL can claim him too due to WWII. Dark was a multi sport athlete and excelled. Major league hall of famers said Dark should be in HoFame but his military service held him back.
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LSU82Cajun14 months
She is 100% right. LSU has been in competitive athletics since 1890 so about 20,000 athletes have participated here. Of those 90% of the male athletes are better than Reese. Female I would say with t&f, volleyball,gymnastics, basketball, swimming, tennis & basketball she would be in the top 20% maybe. So Shaq says things because he bored & a little dumb on this one
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thejuiceisloose14 months
Excuse me what? She was a first team all American….. it’s incomprehensible to say 90% of male athletes are “better than her”, they certainly not more decorated.
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oline526414 months
Two words: Eddie Kennison.
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LSU82Cajun14 months
I’m sorry thejuiceisloose I made a mistake 100% of male athletes were and always be better than Reese are any female athlete unless she/he is trans
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TDsngumbo14 months
While I agree with some of what she’s saying, she’s gonna regret calling out Shaq on this topic.
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Tiger198814 months
Sara Finnegan and Lolo both were easily better athletes. As other posters noted so was Augustus. Hell, Augustus wasn’t the best WBB player either from that perspective. I would take Joyce Walker and White over her. Both of them played for the Harlem Globetrotters.
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GreenRockTiger14 months
If Angel was the single greatest player, she would’ve brought Maryland to the national championship ship in the years before - this lsu win was a team effort, and I think Lolo is right
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CDawson14 months
With that perspective, Burrow isn’t either since he didn’t lead the Butteyes to a title.
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VerlanderBEAST14 months
She's right
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Thacian14 months

The list is endless
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Cincinnati Tiigre14 months
Art Cantrelle
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TommyDaTiger14 months
No Maravich?? Cmon man!!
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johnnydrama14 months
Some dude named Maravich.
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TigerLord202014 months
Chad Jones
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cajunmud14 months
Hmmm...first time I've heard her speak. She doesn't sound too crazy.

Do they have Pro T&F in this country? That fan base has to be smaller than the WNBA, huh? But I'm just guessing here.
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LSUCap14 months
Olympics bruh
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LSU FSU Grad14 months
Agreed with her completely until she got to the track & field part at the end. In reality, there's no way to say who's the GOAT athlete at LSU as there is far too many super greats!
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