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Coronavirus Update from Interim President Galligan
Thursday, March 30, 2020; 4:00 p.m.

To the LSU community,

Last night, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards declared a statewide public health emergency, which sets into motion a number of precautionary steps being taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In light of this development, we are moving our classes online beginning Monday, March 30, through the rest of the Spring semester. Moving in-person courses to online will allow us to help slow the spread of the virus and protect all of us, as well as our friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, from exposure to the illness.

Classes at all LSU campuses, with the exception of LSU Health Science Centers in Shreveport and New Orleans, will be canceled the week of March 16 to allow faculty to finalize the online availability of course materials and for us to develop solutions to unique situations that will no doubt arise. Since spring break is the week of March 23, that means there will be no classes for the two-week period beginning March 16.

The university will remain open and operational during this time period, however, and staff members should continue to work normal schedules.

Faculty members are encouraged to continue their research and scholarly activities remotely when possible, and we’ll be in touch with further guidance.

Students living on campus are encouraged to return home if you can do so. We understand this isn’t possible for everyone, so our residential life housing will remain open and most services will be available, although in some cases we may temporarily relocate some residents to help with social distancing.

We are also prohibiting all international travel and limiting domestic business travel to that which is essential to the fundamental academic and research functions at LSU. We’re also taking the additional step of asking that all faculty, staff and students disclose your travel plans, whether business or personal. It’s important for us to understand the risks of infection brought about by travel to certain areas – particularly with spring break on the horizon.

I recognize these actions may be a burden to some, which I assure you we considered when making these decisions. But it’s the right thing to do, and I believe it gives us our best chances at keeping our LSU community as healthy as possible.

Look for an announcement about campus events soon, as we are considering all the factors involved in either canceling, postponing or conducting them virtually.

This is a complex and evolving situation, and we appreciate your patience as we work through all the details. As always, for accurate and timely updates from an official source please visit or one of LSU’s social media sites.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your full cooperation. You are a fantastic group of resilient, compassionate and dedicated people. I have confidence in you.

Tom Galligan
LSU Interim President
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user avatar
Hangit51 months
President Galligan? Looks more like the Skipper. Thurston and Lovie are high risk.
user avatar
TenWheelsForJesus51 months
"Dear Students, This virus is such a big deal that we are making you come in tomorrow. But no worries, you'll be off next week. You see, the virus is only contagious 3 days from now. We are not bowing to political and social pressure at all. This is clearly such a threat that we had to suspend classes, but not immediately."
user avatar
Barbellthor51 months
Eh. Sounds like there’s a risk to reward ratio in play. I’m not sure louisiana even has a confirmed case yet. But rest assured it’s coming. So yes they’ll cancel physical classes, but they’ll start the transition after finishing this week and then cancelling a whole week to take that and spring break to figure out the online class transition. It actually pans out nicely.
user avatar
Homesick Tiger51 months
So do students get a refund for unused dorm rooms and meal tickets. Seems only fair if you're being kicked out?
user avatar
bengalman51 months
Definitely receive a credit of some sort! That should be from all schools that are moving to online.
user avatar
Jrv2damac51 months
So how long before I'm not allowed to set foot outside home for my "safety"?
user avatar
GoldenGuy51 months
As soon as you refuse to wear your helmet and reflective vest.
user avatar
Peepdip51 months
You already wear a tinfoil hat
user avatar
Russianblue51 months
is Tom G EFF king’s replacement?
user avatar
Bamasuks51 months
Idiots. All of them.
user avatar
Play_Neck51 months
Nothing to do with this article. But Galligan is the effin' man.
user avatar
MettShow6951 months
way more bearable to read compared to F. Cuck
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