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On Monday, we published LSU Coach Odds that had Ole Miss' Lane Kiffin as the favorite to land the job in Baton Rouge, according to BetOnline.

New odds from BetOnline emerged late Monday afternoon showing Michigan State's Mel Tucker as the new favorite.

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Here's a look at Tucker's coaching bio:

Mel Tucker - Michigan State Head Coach
Record at Michigan State: 9–5
Age: 49
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Alma Mater: Wisconsin (1994) Defensive Back
Annual salary: $5.5 million
Coaching career:
1997–1998: Michigan State (GA)
1999: Miami (OH) (DB)
2000: LSU (DB)
2001–2003: Ohio State (DB)
2004: Ohio State (co-DC)
2005–2007: Cleveland Browns (DB)
2008: Cleveland Browns (DC)
2009–2011: Jacksonville Jaguars (DC)
2011: Jacksonville Jaguars (interim)
2012: Jacksonville Jaguars (AHC/DC)
2013–2014: Chicago Bears (DC)
2015: Alabama (AHC/DB)
2016–2018: Georgia (DC/DB)
2019: Colorado (HC)
2020–present: Michigan State (HC)
Complete Bio
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user avatar
Vernonbrew2228 months
Please no Mel Tucker. Just hire Miles again
user avatar
lsufan7928 months
What a joke
user avatar
SeattleTigah28 months
user avatar
SeattleTigah28 months
Scotty is hiring him nor anyone that isn’t proven, period.
user avatar
SeattleTigah28 months
No chance
user avatar
ApexTiger28 months
Tucker seems like a woke hire....whatever at this point
user avatar
rar28 months
Another pile of speculation also called horsesht. Name anybody...that's what these morons do.
user avatar
Labossman28 months
All about the skin color peeps !!!!
user avatar
saint tiger22528 months
Im actually hoping for Napier. What he has done at ULL is remarkable. And he's sustained it. Most "hot name" coaches have 1 or 2 good years. This guy has a track record of success and also built a program at ULL that's respectable. He's also got people in Lafayette bought in. And probably the most important thing, is his relationship with all of the high school coaches here. I didn't realize he was the one on Saban's staff who was raiding Louisiana and getting the top recruits from here when he was on Saban's staff. I think he's the kind of coach that would stay here for 10-15 years and not only have teams that are consistent winners, but compete for championships every 3 or 4 years. I know Mel Tucker is a good coach, but he hasn't done it for long and he hasn't a head coach anywhere long enough to show that he can sustain it. Maybe if he had stayed at Colorado and kept winning, but he bolted which makes me wonder if he can actually sustain winning at a school. And I don't say that because I think he can't do it, I say it simply because there's no evidence of it.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster28 months
I would bet any amount of money it won’t be Bob Stoops.
user avatar
Laman197828 months
Urban Meyer not even listed! Great news. Vegas can't lose when he's hired. Makes sense they wouldn't have him on there.
user avatar
RazzleDazzle28 months
Dear God Please no!
user avatar
GumboPot28 months
This dude's record sucks. I don't understand the consideration.
user avatar
Bandits5828 months
Lmao!! They ran him out off Colorado but now all the sudden he is the lead Candidate with a 14-12 record!!
user avatar
Nix to Twillie28 months
He left Colorado. Pissed everyone off, too. They didn’t “run him out.”
user avatar
monsterballads28 months
Where’s Lincoln riley?
user avatar
mk9728 months
He sucks, why would we want him? Can’t win anything that matters and is a flight risk to the NFL every year
user avatar
mk9728 months
He sucks, why would we want him? Can’t win anything that matters and is a flight risk to the NFL every year
user avatar
MSUDawg9828 months
He was HORRIBLE in Chicago.
user avatar
ChicageauxDave28 months
user avatar
jimmy the leg28 months
He is having a good year. That shouldn’t put him ANYWHERE near the top of this list...PERIOD.
user avatar
tonydtiger28 months
That only thing that is for sure is...that list is totally worthless!
user avatar
BayouTiga28 months
Where is Dabo.......This is total B.S. crap!
user avatar
CaptainYaYa28 months
Where’s Mario?
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