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Former LSU punter Zach Von Rosenberg was waived by the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday to free up a roster spot after the signed Sheldon Richardson.

Von Rosenberg signed with the Vikings as an undrafted free agent in May.

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AMac33 months
Come back home to LSU! You can retire soon and see your grandkids more!
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Lowes knowsLSU33 months
For which sport? He was all baseball then football. Does he go into another sport if comes back to LSU ?
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ByUselves33 months
Can't play baseball. Maybe he can transgender to the wimmen's basketballl or softball program...
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IndianInBR33 months
time to come back to LSU and join the Basketball team!
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sportsaddit6833 months
The first baseball pitching coach and football special teams coach...
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Could've stayed another year and slayed co-eds...dumb dumb dumb
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Tiger237533 months
The guy is like 30. He’s got bills to pay at this point lol
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HoarseComeSunday33 months
The Saints still only have Morstead listed as their punter...
user avatar
3PieceSpicy33 months
Tommy got released like 5 months ago baw
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Spelt it rong33 months
Gillikin finna eat
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LSUvet7233 months
Rosenberg is too good not to find a spot on a NFL roster.
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kciDAtaE33 months
I’m shocked he tweeted about it. He is normally so private.
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Drizzt33 months
Why did he leave again? Life doesn’t get better after you leave college if you are single.
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Im4LSUnTN33 months
Could have a broadcasting career if NFL doesn’t work out. Dude is a natural conversationalist
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KCSunshine33 months
Dude was important to LSU ….not sure what he sounds like as announcer but prolly good idea.
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drexyl33 months
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redfish9932 months
Dude was slightly above average. I get that he was great teammate and such but he’s not an NFL punter.
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