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Baton Rouge ESPN radio host Charles Hanagriff suggested Wednesday that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron could be leaving LSU, according to multiple sources of his.

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ESPN reporter Marty Smith who is in Baton Rouge today for National Signing Day asked coach Les Miles about the rumors. Here is what he had to say:

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Miles and Cameron both denied this report on Wednesday through multiple outlets.
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user avatar
Fus0623101 months
Why is this still up?
user avatar
LSUvet72101 months
ESPN's attempt to hurt LSU on signing day? By a ESPN reporter who lives in BR?

But why is this post not taken down for sake of new signed recruits and team?
user avatar
Danny Woodhead101 months
This is the worst post on this whole site. Zero credibility. Yes I'd love to see a change on O, personnel included...but this post should have never been published, completely amateur. Wait until it happens and you can confirm.

"Sources: Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron Is Leaving LSU"

"Charles Hanagriff suggested Wednesday that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron could be leaving LSU"
"Miles and Cameron both denied this report"

Way to contradict yourself and look completely amateur. We know y'all dont edit or review prior to posting articles, but one doesnt need to make it this blatant.
user avatar
Kato101 months
Get this story out of here. Shame on you admins
user avatar
Big Sway101 months
Hack job reporting!
user avatar
BobABooey101 months
What would happen if someone posted this same story on The Rant? Take it down.
user avatar
Laman1978101 months
Anyone thats believed this for a second is a freaking moron.
user avatar
MykTide102 months
LSU can't figure out how to fire anyone.
user avatar
VetteGuy102 months
Chicken should be disappointed. This site is better than this.
user avatar
Hugo Stiglitz102 months
This story is false. DIAF TD Staff Reporter.
user avatar
IndianInBR102 months
And this is precisely why Hanagriff did not become the voice of the Tigers...putting shite up and losing credibility every day.
user avatar
atltiger6487102 months
"it speaks volumes of Cam to wait until after signing day."

Protect the school, screw the recruits. Yea, that's integrity.
user avatar
rattlebucket102 months
Maybe Ted Cruz's camp started the rumor
user avatar
CSATiger102 months
need to edit this story
user avatar
yeauxkneauxit102 months
Freaking admins need to stop this crap!
user avatar
Biggmatt78102 months
He's not leaving
user avatar
11thACR102 months
How big a Black Eye will this be with all the Offensive Recruits Cam spoke to in the current class ?
user avatar
Mike da Tigah102 months
Well played Hanagriff. Perfect timing for draft day. I don't think you could have timed it better if you tried to. Those on the fence perhaps will surely think this of this as encouraging to push them over the edge.
user avatar
lsuson102 months
I'm wet
user avatar
Lsu101205102 months
We kinda knew this was coming, it speaks volumes of Cam to wait until after signing day.

I hope he enjoys retirement/his next endeavor.
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