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The Advocate is reporting that LSU head coach Les Miles offered former defensive coordinator John Chavis a hefty a three-year contract worth a total of $5.4 million after the Tigers' loss to Notre Dame in the Music City Bowl back on December 30, 2014.

Chavis refused the $1.8-million-a-year offer during a meeting with Miles and Miles’ lawyer in the team’s hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Chavis had decided weeks beforehand not to return to LSU because of a contract dispute involving a clause in his contract, and Miles knew Chavis was leaving his staff in the weeks leading to the bowl game, documents say.

In fact, Texas A&M mailed a letter of intent for its defensive coordinator job to Chavis three days before the Tigers and the Irish dueled in the bowl game – one in which Chavis coached.
This latest report also indicates that Chavis is requesting $445,000 in penalty wages, along with $205,000 in unpaid vacation and academic bonus pay that he believes the school owes him. Read more.
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Mulerider104 months
So the real question is why was he allowed to coach in the bowl game and up to the bowl game. He was obviously gone and Miles knew it? The defense played exactly that way and he called it exactly that way.
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Born in BR104 months
He left and that is it. He now has scheme a defense to complement a passing offense which means time on the field will be much more than at LSU. I for one, do not think he can do this very effectively. At any rate I wish Chief well. His defenses were generally very good, but when they were bad they were really bad.
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thewarmth104 months
LSU screwed him over, what is there to say.
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Amazing Moves104 months
Sour Grapes. If you didn't want him so bad.. Why did you make the counter offer? Now we see excuses by the jilted woman on this site. Kevin Steele nearly got Dabo fired and is not even near the DC Chief is. So cry and lie to yourselves all you want. It's just part of the five stages of swamp billy grief. Which is more than the average tooth count in these parts.
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rbdallas104 months
I am glad that fat lazy bastard is gone.
He works during the first two years and that is it.
Look up his history at TN as Fulmer fired.

Also the way he left LSU and the way he DID NOT prepare for the bowl game, says all that needs to be said about his character...and he has caused us a couple of games that kept us from going to the final game.
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Louisianaboy87104 months
He really didn't recruit very good. Anyone else recognize our last few recruiting classes were loaded but lacked depth at you guessed it Linebacker. Which is the position Chavis supposedly spealized in. Notice when Steele was hired Miles said Steele would organize our defense. Chavis will not be missed! Glad he's taking those late game elementary schemes elsewhere!
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Deltatiger104 months
Steele/O>>>>>>>>>>Chavis. End of story.
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Lsu101205105 months
"Chief can suck a dick, preferably a Tiger dick, but any will do."

Well he did choose the right school then...
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Camos9812105 months
Iam glad he left his defensive schemes was starting to suck
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LSUbest105 months
After seeing the dline in one game, I'm glad he's gone!
user avatar
Malaysian Tiger105 months
Time to stop talking about this crap as nobody cares!!
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winston318105 months
This entire situation was over the Miles termination clause. So if Alleva was confident in CLM it shouldn't have mattered to remove it. For Alleva to refuse to do it must mean that he has 0 intentions on resigning CLM
user avatar
drizztiger105 months
You talk about losing respect for someone in such a short period of time.

Chief can suck a dick, preferably a Tiger dick, but any will do.

What a lack of character POS person he turned out to be.
user avatar
CalTiger53105 months
Not having him is worth more than $5.4 Million
user avatar
dred24105 months
He didn't recruit.
Sounds like he was total trash and now hes in the right place.
user avatar
OGtigerfan73105 months
Recruiting was the weakest part of his performance. So I not sure what you are talking about.
user avatar
dagrippa105 months
We're gonna miss his recruiting
user avatar
touchdownjeebus105 months
Screw Chavis. He is aTm's problem now.
user avatar
Crow Pie105 months
We won 2 BCS National Championship without Chavis..time to move on the number three.
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