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The Golden Band from Tigerland will resume travel for road game this upcoming season with the exception of the season opener vs. UCLA at the Rose Bowl, according to band director Kelvin Jones who spoke with The Advocate.

Jones said the decision to not send the band to Pasadena was an "in-house decision" made before UCLA announced that the Rose Bowl would be at full capacity for the upcoming season. He added that these travel plans are usually made a year in advance and many factors played into the decision.

Jones said the cost of sending LSU's pep band — the roughly 110-person platoon the band normally sends on its road games — to the Rose Bowl would almost be the equivalent of sending a full Tiger band — a group of about 325 members — on a standard road trip with a league opponent.

"So many unknowns," Jones said. "And then you factor in — as you do with any kind of endeavor — travel, hotels, tickets... But, you know, with Covid everything's just constantly changing and just so many unknown variables on top of budget concerns as well."
LSU will be sending its usual pep band to the other four road games vs. Mississippi St., Kentucky, Ole Miss, and Alabama this season.

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Mariner33 months
Everyone please email members of TAF and the band directors. Tell them how this makes you feel. I fired off a respectful but disappointed email. I advised that if there is a proper way to donate to a fund to ensure the band makes the trip, it would be covered. The same thing happened with UW in 2009 and alumni and fans came to the rescue and helped fund the pep band to make the trip. For all of you upset with their decision, funnel that energy to the band dept and TAF. Let them know how big a deal this is. It is an embarrassment that the band will not be represented on primetime national TV.
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GreenRockTiger33 months
The whole point to being in that band is for road trips
user avatar
GoldenGuy33 months
But how will they play pumped in rap music at the game?
user avatar
redfish9933 months
Pathetic and weak. Big surprise
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YardEngr1133 months
This is bullshite! The team and fans need the band and the band deserves this once in a life time event. Sad for them.
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Rex Feral33 months
Because they aren't making any money from TV contracts.
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sml7133 months
So they only get to go to Starkville, Lexington, Oxford and Tuscaloosa. Only two trips that aren’t to neighboring states. What a turrible time to be in TGBFTL.
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voodooidotwo33 months
This decision was based on money? I’m throwing the BS flag. LSU could pay for the entire state to travel to commieforina and still have money for snacks. State the real reason or don’t say anything. No one likes being lied to
user avatar
wallowinit33 months
Get woke go broke.
user avatar
LSUTheodore33 months
Bunch of cheap Nancy’s
user avatar
LSU61533 months
Covid has been over. Stop being pussies and go to the game.
user avatar
TheBoot133 months
This sucks! My son is a Sophomore in the Tiger Band and only got to play at 2 games last year. I was hoping he would get to make this trip.
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wesman2133 months
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Geaux Guy33 months
Go fund me is started and many would be more than happy to sponsor individual members. We just need to know that they’d change the decision once the money is raised.
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bobbydigital33 months
Don't give us the Covid excuse. Get your shite together.
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WPsportsman33 months
I bet the Band members could find an alumnus to sponsor their trip. Or 110 sponsors to sponsor 1 band member each.. pipping in music was the beginning of the end for the tiger band. Then no neck The COVID-19 Now this bull hockey
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ByUselves33 months
Guess that answers tRant's hottest question, "Where is the band sitting?" Too bad the Golden Girls won't get a chance to strut for the Hollywood crowd.
user avatar
Robber DeNiro33 months
Heard it's about money smh
user avatar
pecxs33 months
one of the most historic college football programs play in the most famous college football venue for the first time, and the best band in the universe doesn't come? Come on,
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KillTheGophers33 months
I would bet that UCLA sold the full allotment and there was no space.
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RightWingTiger33 months
The Rose Bowl will def have available seats for the LSU vs UCLA opener. UCLA averages less than 40-50k for regular season games. Im willing to bet there will be more LSU fans there than UCLA fans. Or at best itll NE close to 50/50! LA couldn't care less about UCLA & only turn out for USCw when there in the mix for the NC & it's been what 15 years since theyve been relevant.
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