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The mouth of south, Mr. Paul Finebaum said that he wasn't too impressed with the Mike the Tiger when he appeared on SEC Nation early Saturday morning.

Well Mike VI responded with this:

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Born in BR105 months
Mike said it tasted like a mix between alligator and chicken.
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captainahab105 months
A man with a face for radio.
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jptiger2009105 months
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
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ShlikStyck105 months
Bueler. Bueler. whaaa? Bueler
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cheeser105 months
once again Saban's nutsucker shows his complete dislike and disrespect for the LSU program. Over the years PoorOleLess has given him plenty of things to criticize over the years, and may yet add to the fire this year, but I wonder how many callers will be allowed to talk about the Bama-Ole Piss game ?Probably well on his way by now discussing hockey or polo.
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SamuelClemens105 months
I listened to this clown once 8 years ago and turned him off. I don't watch his college football show.

The rest of you should follow. Leave him to the Alabama locals.
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blueboy105 months
Why are we constantly forced to endured this jug-eared reptile? He's no more insightful than any other analyst, and he looks like Mr. Potato Head after a year long meth bender.
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timm6971463105 months
If balm turns sideways to mike ,mike will have to sniff him out!
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StormTiger105 months
No gay, but that's a beautiful animal.
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Geaux Tahel105 months
Paul is so bad. Appropriate that he is a Gump.
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STRIPES105 months
Finebaum looks ill. Aids or something. Seriously the guy looks bad.
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OTIS2105 months
Paul isn't worthy enough to eat a pile of Mike's poo...though secretly he probably wants to...
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GumboDave105 months
Finebaum is a fun sponge.
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kjanchild105 months
...and who is this troll? Will never watch SEC until this idiot is not on it!!! Unless of course, I am watching an LSU game!
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TigerFanatic99105 months
Two notes: the person who shapes the meat is good. Really good. Straight lines, consistent letters. Impressive.

Next, I get the feeling that Mike isn't really much different from a fiesty housecat, just much, much bigger.
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SECSolomonGrundy105 months
Finebaum can just hide out at Tiger Stadium. Mike will never catch him there
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Vacherie Saint105 months
I love that LSU uses Mike to blatantly troll people
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jimmy the leg105 months
Put him in the cage with Mike. Maybe he will change his mind.
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