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LSU offensive line coach James Cregg sent out this tweet on Thursday to show off the staff's combined four Super Bowl Rings.

Cregg added that the staff has over 30 years of NFL coaching experience.

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Cregg was an assistant offensive line coach for the Denver Broncos from 2014 to 2016 and was part of the staff that won Super Bowl 50 in 2016.
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user avatar
OweO75 months
Point out anything you can that gives credit to your staff. If it can help land a recruit then it has done it's job.
user avatar
TigerTailsSoup75 months
He's got such dark hands for a white guy
user avatar
Le Bistouquette75 months
That's nice. Now go win a Natty.
user avatar
Placebeaux75 months
Falk looks like he had a compound boxer's fracture
user avatar
Barbellthor75 months
Now that's pretty nice for recruiting.
user avatar
SouthernInsanity75 months
So the Staff got Super Bowl rings?
user avatar
Mouche33775 months
Y'all misunderstanding. The picture shows Faulk's 3 rings. Gregg has a ring witb Denver which is not shown. The staff has a total of 4 SB rings combined. Now that that is cleared, honestly I don't care about that. This is LSU so show me some National title rings!
user avatar
Tiger Ree75 months
I thought the special teams coach had a SB ring with the Saints?
user avatar
JackieTreehorn75 months
That baw has a big arse wedding band.
user avatar
PsychTiger75 months
Wife probably planted a tracking device in it.
user avatar
justice75 months
who gives a shite about this? show off the national championships and SEC titles that the staff has won.
user avatar
Solo Cam75 months
Recruits you stupid fuch.
user avatar
tiger nutz75 months
Dumbass this is a new staff how can they show you a national championship ring especially since some of them have been coaching in the NFL??
user avatar
Lsu10120575 months
Recruits want to win National Championships. But you know what recruits want even more? To get paid to play football in the NFL. This matters to an 18 year old.
user avatar
tenacious75 months
Faulk has some jacked up hands!
user avatar
lsualum0175 months
Confused....where is the Broncos ring unless that is the small one?
user avatar
Tiger Prawn75 months
Not pictured. The 3 SB rings in picture are all Kevin Faulk's rings.
user avatar
AustinKnight75 months
Enough with the rings and trophy’s let’s play some ball and earn one
user avatar
ninthward75 months
Faulk bringing the hardware!
user avatar
Jon Ham75 months
Too bad the don’t give out rings for losing records. O would have a hand full of them!
user avatar
Ragin' Tiger75 months
Does this dumb comment make you feel better about yourself? Seriously, does it?
user avatar
BertusTiger75 months
One ring looks different than the others
user avatar
bapple75 months
I assume the 4th ring is on Cregg’s hand since I only see 3 SB rings.
user avatar
tigerfoot75 months
That one is from Super Bowl 1, Sullivan was coaching in it
user avatar
Tiger33775 months
It's Kevin Faulk's wedding band
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