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Ross Dellenger with Sports Illustrated reported Friday morning that the NCAA is considering four timing changes to shorten college football games.

Here are the four proposals under consideration, according to Dellenger:

The four proposals under consideration:
1) Prohibiting consecutive timeouts (ie icing kicks)
2) No untimed down at end of 1Q/3Q
3) Clock runs after 1st downs except inside of 2 mins in a half
4) Clocks runs on incompletions once ball is spotted

High-ranking college football leaders have been reviewing four specific changes to clock rules, two of which are considered non-controversial, one that has garnered wide support and a fourth that has left some divided. The non-controversial proposals include (1) prohibiting consecutive timeouts (ie, icing kickers) and (2) no longer extending a first or third quarter for an untimed down if the quarter ends on a defensive penalty (the down would be clocked starting the next quarter).

While those are considered to be incremental changes that will save only a fraction of time, the other two proposals are more significant.

In a third proposal that is garnering wide support, the clock will continue to run after an offense gains a first down except inside of two minutes in a half. In a more controversial fourth proposal, the clock will continue to run after an incomplete pass once the ball is spotted for play.
Here is the official release from the NCAA:

The committee anticipates the adjustments, which were finalized Friday in Indianapolis, would modestly reduce the number of plays in the game, something the committee will study closely during the 2023 season.

If approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on April 20, the game clock will continue to run when a first down is gained. Currently, the game clock stops when a first down is gained, and the clock restarts when the offense is awarded a first down. The game clock will continue to be stopped when a first down is gained during the last two minutes of either half.

"This rule change is a small step intended to reduce the overall game time and will give us some time to review the impact of the change," said Kirby Smart, co-chair of the committee and coach at Georgia.

The committee is recommending two other adjustments intended to continue to reduce breaks in the game:

-Teams would be prohibited from calling consecutive team timeouts.

-Penalties at the end of the first and third quarter would carry over and be enforced on the first play of the next quarter.
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user avatar
elprez0014 months
I timed a CBS game. There were 48 mins of commercials. That’s not including half time.

That’s the reason games are so long.
user avatar
Eli Goldfinger14 months
All those rules should knock off about 4 minutes of game time. Idiots.
user avatar
TDFreak14 months
They mess with everything except the commercials. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the extra time they get back is used to air MORE commercials during halftime.
user avatar
BeachTiger201814 months
Half the time I want to rush through the week to hurry up and get to gameday, and then soak in gameday and the game for as long as possible. Nobody is wanting shorter games, LEAVE IT ALONE NERDS
user avatar
Bennettderrick4214 months
Quite commercial time outs completely and the game will be good
user avatar
cajunmud14 months
I just rewatched the Bama game today:

Pregame in Tiger Stadium - 46 mins
Game - 303 mins
Field rush - 6 mins
BK's after press conference - 14 mins
Game highlights - 6 mins

Total - 375 mins or 6 1/4 hrs

I'm apparently not your target audience.

user avatar
caliegeaux14 months
I’m with you man. I wait for football all spring and summer long. I have never, ever, in my life said, man that game was great but boy did it take long. OTHER THAN, discussing the ridiculous amount of TV timeouts. Shorten that bullshite.
user avatar
Carolina_cajun14 months
Was going to say something clever about commercials, but I see I’m too late.
user avatar
Recoveringcajun14 months
How about there are only 12 games in a season and we should embrace them in all of their glory for as long as they might take? What real football fan wants a shorter game?
user avatar
BRtoATL14 months
How about cutting down on commercials?
user avatar
Carolina_cajun14 months
Nah, that makes too much sense.
user avatar
tygerphan14 months
30 second instant replays. If it's not clear within 30 seconds it's not clear and the call should stand.
user avatar
Tiger99714 months
and instead of spiking the ball throw it to your own end zone.
user avatar
Nado Jenkins8314 months
Wat? Fumble it?
user avatar
Tiger99714 months
Clock stoppage after 1st down should be the last 5 minutes of each half and do away with some commercial breaks.
user avatar
ElderTiger14 months
Why are they in such a rush to speed up games. As a broadcaster, I would want them to be longer in order to sell more ad time.
user avatar
TouchdownTony14 months
How about No 5 minute commercial breaks
user avatar
PUB14 months
You left off a digit - 15 minute breaks ...
user avatar
dmatt202114 months
Stop fricking with college football. Y’all already ruined it with the mishandling of NIL and the transfer portal. Then y’all want a fricking never ending playoff full of half arse teams. Now you wanna frick with making the games quicker. Jesus stop
user avatar
jkylejohnson14 months
They’re gonna keep fricking with sports until people have had enough.
user avatar
tonydtiger14 months
No like! Especially starting the clock on incomplete passes after the spot!
user avatar
Strannix14 months
Commercial break every 5 minutes is the problem
user avatar
Triple Bogey14 months
Commercial after the TD. Commercial after the extra point, commercial after the kickoff... frick these new rules.
user avatar
Salty Spec14 months
Cut commercials
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