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LSU (9-3) dropped nine spots to No. 14 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings after Saturday's loss to Texas A&M.

1. Georgia
2. Michigan
3. TCU
4. USC

5. Ohio State
6. Alabama
7. Tennessee
8. Penn State
9. Clemson
10. Kansas State
11. Utah
12. Washington
13. Florida State
14. LSU
15. Oregon State
16. Oregon
17. UCLA
18. Tulane
19. South Carolina
20. Texas
21. Notre Dame
22. UCF
23. North Carolina
24. Mississippi State
25. NC State
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LSUMBAgrad15 months
Brian Kelly gave that famous Les Miles “Deer in the headlight” look vs TAMU
user avatar
Willbe7615 months
Who cares?
user avatar
BlackPot15 months
3 losses, can't blame the committee for that. But hey, being #14 with 3 losses is still pretty great.
user avatar
FlyinTiger9315 months
Bad loss to a bad team. Expected.
user avatar
Barbellthor15 months
That's ay too low. But whatever
user avatar
Geaux Guy15 months
Honestly, that’s about right.
user avatar
LSU Bayou Jim15 months
Don't worry. If we go into Atlanta and beat UGA by 10 or better, we will move up to 13 and Bama will become no. 1.
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RightWingTiger15 months
Just an unbelievably bad loss by LSU. In a season with such successes to end it like that was really enormously disappointing & frustrating.

On the flip side of that it may have been the only thing that could push them to a win over UGA Saturday. Thats my attempt at a “Glass Half Full” take.
user avatar
KennabraTiger15 months
If Alabama sneaks in, I’m going to lose my fricking shit
user avatar
CalTiger5315 months
No way, nearly zero chance. Alabama does not have a quality win, did not win their conference or even their division and the committee is not goin to put 2 SEC teams in the playoffs when one of them has 2 losses and didn't win their division. Georgia, Michigan, TCU, and USC or OSU are in. You can't benefit by sitting out and watch others play.
user avatar
BBQ15 months
“ can’t benefit by sitting out and watching others play “

…2012 Bama says hello
user avatar
Pintail15 months
Why is bama ahead of Tennessee?
user avatar
RightWingTiger15 months
Cause their Bama damnit!!!
user avatar
markthetiger15 months
Utah is ahead of us, they lost to Florida, we beat Florida by 2 scores. Seems legit.
user avatar
Vernonbrew2215 months
Please just keep Bama out
user avatar
TNoon15 months
Transfer portal - ban it
user avatar
Cracker15 months
Utah wins TCU looses ??
user avatar
StarkvilleTigerFan15 months
You lose to a team like A&M-you deserve it....
user avatar
lil 7thward15 months
I agree
user avatar
MasonTiger15 months
user avatar
nol1wph15 months
9 spots? Really?
user avatar
PUB15 months
How far do we drop after a loss to GA? AtM was a total embarrassing beat down.
user avatar
jbird715 months
That’s what happens when you get your arse beat by a garbage team like aTm
user avatar
Cosmo15 months
They kept tOSU above Bama.

Bama done.

TCU loses they are still in
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