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For Immediate Release - March 17, 2021


BATON ROUGE – LSU will allow tailgating with restrictions at spring outdoor athletic events and other special events beginning Friday when the Tigers host Mississippi State at Alex Box Stadium, the school announced Wednesday.

The decision to allow tailgating on the LSU campus is for spring events only. There has been no decision on tailgating for LSU events in the fall.

The health and safety of participants, staff, and fans remains a priority and the decision to allow tailgating was made with approval from the Governor’s office, the city of Baton Rouge and the Fire Marshal.

The following are the guidelines for tailgating, in accordance with Phase 3, for fans on the LSU campus. The guidelines which will be enforced, have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone coming to campus for athletic events.

* Fans are limited to gatherings of 15 people and should be members of the same household.
* Congregations of multiple groups is prohibited.
* Face covering will be required outside of tailgate area.

Parking Lots
* Parking lots for athletic events will be secured and restricted beginning three (3) hours prior for outdoor venues.

The following items will be permitted on campus or surrounding LSU parking lots for outdoor athletic events and special events. Setting up any of these items will be considered a tailgate:

* 10x10 or smaller Tents/Canopies/Structures of any kind
* Coolers
* Tables and chairs
* Grills or any portable cooking mechanisms
* Previously Prepared Food
* Beverages
* Audio Systems (Inside Vehicles)
* Sound must be played at a reasonable level
* Yard games

Please note that large tailgate set ups will not be allowed and that tents larger than 10x10 will asked to be removed.

Motorhomes (Parking Lot 412)
* Those utilizing motorhomes will adhere to the same policies outlined above in regards to tailgating.
* Fans are asked to gather only with their travel party and within the footprint of their Motorhome.
* Tailgating policies remain in effect while on campus.
* Fans in the Motorhome parking lot should note that spaces will be on a first come, first served basis and there will be no reserving of motorhome parking spots.
* There will also be no shuttles from the RV lot to the stadium.
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At least half of the tailgate tents people buy are 12x12 vs 10x10. What idiot democrat pencil pushing paper clip counting turd arbitrarily picked 10x10? I can see some fat assed “Karen” with an LSU badge walking around measuring tents and getting her SJW panties all lathered up if a tent is a couple feet too large. Smdh.
Reply26 days
Can you show us on the doll where the world hurt you?
26 days
The same place you kiss Kommandante Karen’s ass
26 days
What does the size of the tent have to do with covid if there is also a limitation of how many people should be under it. If anything, you would think a bigger tent would allow for more "social distancing"
Reply26 days
If we are lucky, by July 4th, Potato Brain Joe will let us BBQ with our families! LSU lost me at George Floyd.
Reply26 days
I think we're beyond flooding the health systems at this point. If those at risk don't know how to protect themselves at this point, they have bigger problems.
Reply26 days
Such a simple statement, but 100% accurate.
26 days
LSU tailgating will never be what it was. The Dems have control now
Reply26 days
Scoot Woodward will soon put quotas on each tailgate to represent LSU's committment to a diverse and inclusive campus.
26 days
People so stupid, people so dumb.
Reply26 days
"The footprint of my motorhome"? Wtf. This shite is more ridiculous as I re-read it. Scott Woodward is turning out to be a little count.
Reply26 days
I can sit and get with my "group", but when I walk to another tailgate, I have to wear my mask. How fricking stupid.
Reply26 days
Stop giving LSU your money. They hate you.
Reply26 days
A&M, Auburn, Bama, Florida, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Tennessee will have 100% stadium and tailgating capacity for football season, while LSU won't even come close to that. At all. We keep telling yall but there's a reason why Louisiana is the most laughable state in the country. It's obvious.
Reply26 days
I wouldn’t say the entire country. California and New York are. But in the South, definitely.
26 days
This is for spring sports. I'm sure fall sports tailgating will be allowed in full or alot closer to it than this
26 days
"limitations" haha
Reply26 days
Screw them
Reply26 days
Very nice of you cock suckers to allow the peasants to be present and revel on the grounds of a public university. Your generosity is so graciously accepted. Thank you for the shite sandwich may I have another please.
Reply26 days
How sweet of them. The China Virus hoax has magnified the true leftist ruling LSU and its Athletics. I hope it crashes and burns. They deserve it.
Reply26 days
I can't believe we are still doing this shite.
Reply26 days
as long as the prog filth are in control, we'll have to deal with this.
26 days
That girl in yellow has a strong calf game
Reply26 days
Approaching Wade level
26 days
26 days
Super strong!
26 days
“15 people and should be members of the same household.” I would love to see that COVID check.
Reply26 days
Meanwhile Florida. Bama, and Auburn will be playing in 100% capacity stadiums with normal tailgating.
Reply26 days
I thought that was for fall sports
26 days
In other news: LSU admin can suck my short meaty cock
Reply26 days
There will be a raffle for 14 lucky people who will get to quarantine at Tiger Ree’s house tomorrow for two weeks then get to tailgate with him for the Vandy series.
Reply27 days
At least it won’t be at WilliamTaylors
26 days
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