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Former LSU linebacker and current Atlanta Falcons rookie Duke Riley returned to Baton Rouge on Thursday and talked with the team, according to head coach Ed Orgeron.

Riley, who is on a bye this week, addressed effort and LSU pride in his talk.

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Thanks, Duke! We need some more players to come in and talk with the team and show them that hard work, execution, and pride can get you where you want to be!
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Wasn't Duke Riley one of O's biggest cheerleaders to get him hired?
5 months
@Jones, yes
5 months
I think the current team believes that the NFL, wins and fame are automatic at LSU. I think that Duke coming back home and motivating this team can go a long way. He is the ultimate example that all those things are true while at LSU but ONLY through commitment and hard work!
5 months
The main guy behind keep coach O
Reply5 months
That is the biggest issue. Leadership. Ive said this all year.
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We need guys to come every freakn week until this team gets it. Don't hold back shite. Let it all hang out. Us against the world mentality, underdog, go out there and fly. Forget about names on helmets and go kick the other teams arse as if they had no name. Play with an intense FOCUS, but you have to be prepared most of all prior to the game. The game doesn't just come to you all of a sudden while you're on the freakn field. You better know your game plan as well as what your opponent is trying to do and then put a stop to that. LSU coaches should put on Bama film and Georgia film, show them how their front seven plays, show them how technically sound they are when blocking, show them what kind of effort their lines and line backers play with. Show them how they get off blocks, how physical they are while staying focused. You can be physical without losing your mind. Show them how their DBs play on every series. This team could be coached better but this team could play with much more effort and focus as players too. I think more so as players but the coaches could do a better job too. Maybe once the players show some real fight and physical play the coaches can coach a better game? It's a team effort fellas, if the team doesn't play with effort then their is nothing the coaches can do to help this team. Our coaches are doing their jobs for the most part especially on defense. I do see where Cananda can help his offense some in play selection and timing of the play calls. If he would break his tendencies this offense would play much better, if the offense does that, then the defense should follow it. We'll see what happens but things don't look very good.
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5 months
Right. The coaching was pretty good last season after Miles and Cameron were fired. Only losses were to Bama by 10 and Florida by 6. I don’t think they forgot how they coached. Remember how prepared they were for the bowl game when they totally shut down Heisman winner Lamar Jackson? The difference is the veteran leadership is in the NFL now. And Teheuma transferring is probably the biggest loss to the offense, imo. Tough to overcome in 1 year. Give it time. Remember, we have a few quality transfers coming to us as well as Shelvin and potentially others who were academically ineligible. A lot of things go into having a successful or unsuccessful season. Coaches don’t forget how to coach. They simply have new players to coach.
5 months
That's what a leader does.
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Thanks Duke!
Reply5 months
It worked!
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Always happy to see Tigers pitching in but this doesn't help with game time preparation, that's what O is paid to do and that's currently the real problem.
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Can't hurt.
Reply5 months
Maybe they can bring in les to do a pep talk
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This sounds good, but at the end of the day, if the players have no faith in O, their intensity on the field won't be there, no matter how many former players give them pep talks. It's just human nature.
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Coach O has no faith in himself, what are you talking bout Faith? If these players had any confidence in themselves if these coaches had any confidence in themselves, it would show on the field. I have been waiting to see it all season. Are they holding everything in til they play bama? Lack of discipline everything. May be coach O is in way over his head like the last rb coach had that coach Orgeron said was way over his head. If you can't be a head coach, it's not for him. Doesn't look good so far this year
5 months
"a very inspiration talk"? WTF? Jeezus. Your only job is English.
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AD, Alumni, national media, parents, everyone needs to get involved. Because our coach sho can’t get it done. The more hands we can get in there to prop this team up until the end of the season the better
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Downvote away, but this looks like O is grasping at straws.
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Why? see lexman1's comment below.
5 months
I see it as O trying his best to turn things around, which he should be commended for.
5 months
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