Former LSU defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao, who now plays at Arizona Western College, chimed in on the Les Miles situation via Twitter on Tuesday:

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Lealaimatafao was apart of LSU's 2014 recruiting class but never played a down during his rookie season in Baton Rouge. He was dismissed from the football program in June after multiple off-the-field issues, including two arrests.
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tigersells103 months
Glad to see he follows tigers from afar, maybe trey could have made the difference
on and off the field ...Sorry he missed out on toting Les off the field...
;) sarcasim
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Laman1978103 months
Isn't Trey the guy that punched some girl after she tried to stop him from mugging her boyfriend?
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p0845330103 months
A reporter wrote that he was "apart of". A "reporter". English?
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cardboardboxer103 months
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dgnx6103 months
Umm LSU has had a lot of injuries.

Dural, Moore, Hawkins, Gordon, Smith, lacouture, white, Mills, Bower, Thomas.

I'm sure there are more that I'm missing.
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TiggerB8t103 months
Aside from a big loss to a rival due to lack of effort on the field, a coach's biggest disappointment is seeing recruits who cannot manage their grades and extra-curricular activities off the field. I'm sure there are those that would say this is all Miles' fault as well for not recruiting "good character" comparison to most programs, I'd say Miles has done a pretty good job on the recruitment AND discipline side of things. There is only so much a coach can do.....speaks volumes that this kid would recognize he was one of the contributors to the problem. IF you don't think "lack of depth" on the DL was one of LSU's big problems this year, you're not watching the games.
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atltiger6487103 months
It's ironic that Trey is bemoaning "injuries" and "loss of players". So it's your fault, Trey?
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lsuwins3103 months
Being a good guy and a good coach two different things.
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PhilipMarlowe103 months
The only thing that keeps me from hating lsu is Les Miles. If he's gone I'm gonna start hatin'. I don't wanna be a hater doe.
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GeauxLSUGeaux103 months
That's what we need is more excuses. Like I read somewhere, if your offense takes that much of a hit when your fullback and tight end get hurt then you should probably rethink your offensive philosophy.
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Catman88103 months
LSU has very few injuries compared to most teams. Team that won the NC last year was on their 3rd string QB. Most LSU fans couldn't name who our 3rd string QB.
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CatDaddy3103 months
Miles is a great guy who loves his players. However, not nearly enough to change his 1970's philosophy to modern era football. As for you, it has become obvious that your actions contributed to his demise and that of the football team.
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vodkacop103 months
If Anyone has an opinion that's not based on rumors and ignorance, its someone that's been on the team.
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So its your fault, Tray.
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panterica103 months
He's right. Loss of players and injuries changed the degree of difficulty big time for LSU coaches. It is what it is now.
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sheeeeeit103 months
It says a lot to me that a guy Miles kicked off the team is still defending him, but I guess we all already knew Les is a great guy.
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