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LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda and offensive coordinator Matt Canada were both included in USA TODAY Sports' list of the highest-paid assistant coaches in College Football.

Aranda was the highest paid coach with a "total pay of $1.8 million," which the website says is "Worth it (barely)."

Canada was No. 4 on the list with a "total pay of $1.5 million," with the website saying he is "Overpaid."

1. Dave Aranda, LSU defensive coordinator

Total pay: $1.8 million

Worth it (barely). LSU wasn't a defensive juggernaut during the regular season, but Aranda does deserve credit for leading his unit to another top-20 finish. The Tigers rank 13th in the Football Bowl Subdivision in total defense and 17th in scoring defense and won six of their final seven games to earn a spot in the Citrus Bowl against Notre Dame. There's some value in consistency, too; Over the past four years, Aranda's units at Wisconsin and LSU have ranked eighth, on average, in scoring defense at the end of the regular season.

4. Matt Canada, LSU offensive coordinator

Total pay: $1.5 million

Overpaid. In Canada's first season as offensive coordinator, the Tigers are ranked 54th in total offense and in the bottom half of the country in scoring at 28.1 points per game (No. 72 overall). Head coach Ed Orgeron even "stepped in" to make a few changes to Canada's system.
Here is the Top 10 Highest-paid assistant football coaches:

1. LSU DC Dave Aranda $1,800,000
2. Clemson DC Brent Venables $1,700,000
3. Texas A&M DC John Chavis $1,608,000
4. LSU OC Matt Canada $1,505,000
5. Michigan DC Don Brown $1,300,000
6. Alabama DC Jeremy Pruitt $1,300,000
7. Auburn DC Kevin Steele $1,200,000
8. Alabama OC Brian Daboll $1,200,000
9. Tennessee DC Bob Shoop $1,155,000
10. Michigan OC Pep Hamilton $1,150,000

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Whoever wrote that article for USA Today Sports is an idiot
Reply11 months
Wow... Chavis at #3. LOL
Reply11 months
Least LSU getting their money's worth. But Chavis won't make any list next year unless he has a buyout clause.
11 months
Big pay for wins against losing teams!
Reply11 months
Aggies have one mega payroll for an average team here soon, then when jimbo shits the bed it’s going to be glorious
Reply11 months
When I read the names I immediately thought the article was going to be bad news about them leaving. Instead it's bad news about money. Aranda is worth every penny, obviously.
Reply11 months
Didn't we already kniww this?
Reply11 months
Whoever wrote that article is a F'n hater...Aranda barely worth it?? Canada overpaid?? Idiot.
Reply11 months
Canada (this season) was no where near the offensive messiah that everyone claimed he would be
11 months
Both definitely worth it.
Reply11 months
This is why I THOUGHT hiring Orgeron was worth it since we were going to make up for his lack of expertise by having the highest paid OC and DC. That was, until our AD decided to pay O over $3 million. If Aranda asks for more, take it out of Orgeron's salary. If Canada ask for more, say bye.
Reply11 months
But the writer said Daboll is worth it lolz. Yeah Bama put up stats this year with their weak schedule, but they talent was loaded and deep offensively. Daboll is part of the reason why Bama didn't beat Auburn to defend it's SEC title.
Reply11 months
9-3 every year?????? No, great money spent
Reply11 months
It is on the AD and head coach as well.
11 months
Both with young, inexperienced players, turned it around and played pretty well down the stretch. As opposed to winning in September, and fizzling in December. Next year will be easier to answer the question. I think Aranda is worth it, imo. Canada may be, as well. The only problem is if the Tigers do well offensively next season, he will probably be gone. But, there’s always someone waiting in the wings to take his place. Everyone is expendable. Just business!
Reply11 months
Worth it. Moving in the right direction despite the Troy loss. As long as they can recruit top talent, they are worth it. GEAUX TIGERS!!!
Reply11 months
"3. Texas A&M DC John Chavis $1,608,000"....lololol
Reply11 months
They have actual defenses in the SEC, thus, it is not an absolute equal comparison to look at for teams that play against non-SEC teams.
Reply11 months
Without these two coordinators, 0 is 6-6 at best, making him the only overpaid coach on that guessed it.
Reply11 months
uhhhh, no. O is paid well for what he does, but he is not overpaid considering how much we paid Les Miles.
11 months
That is such an assassin statement to make. Aranda has been great. Canada is flashy but was OK at best this season. You have no idea what LSU would be like with O at the helm and different coordinators
11 months
The fact that O hired Canada and convinced Aranda to stay shows that he is a good HC who surrounds himself with good coaches. And at $3.5 million per year, he is probably one of the lower paid coaches in the league. I’d say overall, a pretty good bargain!
11 months
Hahahahaha Chavis!!!!
Reply11 months
Alleva more than tripled their pay to get them here and with a huge buyout like Orgeron. Unless someone is willing to take that financial risk, these 3 guys are not likely going anywhere unless they win something. The same goes for Miles. So don't worry be happy with an Offense ranked 71st vs Miles' 43rd in 2015 without the cupcake McNeese game. And with a recruiting class currently ranked 14th with 18 commits vs Texas ranked 2nd with 18 commits. And watch out for Jimbo and Chad Morris.
Reply10 months
LSU faced a Top 5 SOS in 2015 and Miles landed the #2 Recruiting Class. 2017 was historically low 42 SOS + or - whether you take into account SORecord and SOResume.
10 months
I guess you are not aware that LSU Recruiting class currently ranks 10th best in the country!
10 months
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