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Brian Kelly spoke to reporters on Monday and was asked a simple question: Was Saturday's game vs. Alabama the biggest win of his career?

And Kelly responded with the perfect answer...

"The biggest one of my career is going to be when we win a national championship. So I'm focused on one thing when I came down here, and that's to win championships. That's one game. It was an exciting win, but I don't put it in the category of the biggest."

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TwoDatBait15 months
Brian Cajones Kelly
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Now you see why Notre Dame and their fans are so butthurt over losing him .
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lsuson15 months
Solid answer by CBK. I expect nothing less
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Mike da Tigah15 months
Man is focused. You can’t trip him up.
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Flashback15 months
F@ck em up, BK.
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B00M15 months
Great answer to a foolish question.
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CatholicLSUDude15 months
Who wrote that title? Why is there a question mark at the end of the statement that is the title?

Cmon, TD Staff Reporter.
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LSU Jax15 months
Yeah that drives me nuts too and it happens all the time. Especially among the posters in threads on this board.
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Coonass15 months
I’ll allow it.
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tiger10915 months
Dumb Question. I would have said " we beat the 6th ranked team by 1 question."
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pitchandcatch2715 months
I would run through a Brick Wall for CBK ! Lets have a Hog bbq this Saturday ! GEAUX TIGERS !
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LSUmudman15 months
All of LSU’s national Championships had an OHIO twist.
Paul Dietzel…Ohio….1958
Nick Saban…. College Kent State and coached the Browns….2003 nc
Les Miles from Ohio….2007 nc
Joe Burrow led us to the 2019 nc…..from Ohio
Brian Kelly coached at Cincinatti…..NC on the way! Thank you Ohio for that MOJO!!

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alumni9515 months
I said ay oh way to go OHIO.
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MondayMorningMarch15 months
He said "when" and not "if". That's saying it like a boss!
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Swamp Angel15 months
Y'know, this Yankee ain't too durned bad in my book! He kinda grows on you once you get to know him.
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cajunmud15 months
Great answer...seldom be satisfied.
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Lowes knowsLSU15 months
Yah i agree, Ed Orgeron was satisfied after the 2019 season and that was pretty much it for him. Some people want more and some people are satisfied with one big win
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saint tiger22515 months
O lost Burrow after the 2019 season and knew he was fricked. When it was finally time for him to coach the players, he failed like we all knew he would. Even his supporters knew he couldn't keep up the facade, they just won't admit that.
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Hurricane Mike15 months
People still can't figure out there was a mass exodus after 2019, an unprecedented exodus.
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bdf32315 months
I like him he will go far
Geaux Tigers
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MardiGrasCajun15 months
That's my coach!
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