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This is what Championship Football success looks like on the High School, College, and NFL levels in just one picture...


There’s levels to this ……

All 3 levels

For all players, coaches, staff, mentors, family and friends.
Thx for riding with me!
What an amazing journey it was!
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KillTheGophers21 months
The high school ring looks better that the other two.
user avatar
ascensiontiger7821 months
Is it just me or did the Rams go overboard with that ring, I say keep it simple.
user avatar
SeanLSU21 months
West Monroe, baby!
user avatar
Jabontik21 months
He may be the only dude to accomplish that
user avatar
parrotdr21 months
Quick research shows a few--Percy Harvin, Jeremy Shockey, LSU Man Steven Ridley. I'm sure there are more out there.
user avatar
TKLSUMD21 months
user avatar
Mr Butters21 months
He almost looks like he’s wearing LSU colors in this picture ??
user avatar
Spankum21 months
I am proud of this West Monroe boy!
user avatar
Menatiger21 months
Another GOAT.
user avatar
TigerFan24421 months
Those rings don't even look like they are made for the same finger!
user avatar
SuperFanDan21 months
Is that Super Bowl ring even wearable? It's enormous!
user avatar
Shiftyplus121 months
A ring to him is a bracelet to me
user avatar
GeauxTigers010721 months
One of the GOAT Tigers
user avatar
Geaux6221 months
My how he has grown!
user avatar
chRxis21 months
what's up with the "national champs" on the WM ring?
user avatar
Honest Tune21 months
They were the best team in the country his senior year. Played against Big Whit in Dixie Youth baseball. He was destined for this life.
user avatar
Broyota221 months
They were crowned the national champions that year by some publication not sure how they determined it.
user avatar
Solo Cam21 months
USA Today used to announce a national champion in high school. It was just a vote from sports writers same as the way college was decided before BCS.
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