Just five days after de-committing from LSU, four-star pass rusher Adam Anderson unveiled his new top five schools and left the Tigers off the list.

Anderson, a four-star prospect from Rome, GA is rated the No. 1 overall outside linebacker for the class of 2018.

His new top schools are Alabama, Florida, Clemson, Tennesee, and Georgia.

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AtlantaLSUfan80 months
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Lexman180 months
Ho hum
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Spankem80 months
My guess is playing time would factor in to his decision, which I would also Guess that the bama in the lineup really isn't going to be his first choice either. The other schools are closer to home and he would get on the field faster. I don't blame him and we have young studs at that position already.
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BowDownToLSU80 months
No chest
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ROPO80 months
Original commenter: what did he get his feelings hurt about
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YellaPurp80 months
5 bucks says he goes to Bama
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Lsu10120580 months
His red hair looks stupid.
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This is like 7th grade girls. Sheesh!
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Chicken80 months
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lsusportsman280 months
Nice knowing ya Adam.
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Lake Vegas Tiger80 months
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STRIPES80 months
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GeologyGrad8880 months
His name is Adam Anderson, but his twitter account is @AdanAnderson5? Were all the AdamAnderson accounts taken???
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MountainCat80 months
My guess, he had Larry make the account.
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CaptainJ4780 months
Not good for his chances of clearing the academic hurdle.
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lsusalty80 months
Feelings hurt ab?
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Bucktail180 months
Somebody got their precious little feelings hurt.
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1badboy80 months
u don't have to be smart to go to BAMA!!!
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