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Montclair Immaculate women's basketball head coach Jimmy Kreie has been suspended for "unsportsmanlike conduct" after beating a team by 74 points in their home opener...
quote: Montclair Immaculate coach Jimmy Kreie has been suspended for four games after Montclair Immaculate opened the season with a 104-30 win over Caldwell on Opening Night, Montclair Immaculate athletic director Jim Risoli said on Monday, citing a lack of sportsmanship.

“We want to reiterate that what occurred on Thursday evening does not represent our school’s values and beliefs,” Risoli said in a statement. “We try to make it our mission to uphold such virtues as respect, honor, and dignity in all things we do. When it comes to athletic competition, sportsmanship is something that we take pride in and unfortunately what occurred last Thursday evening was not something we condone.
Steve Tober of Sideline Chatter was the first to report on Kreie’s suspension. According to the report, there were memos circulating around athletic directors within the Super Essex Conference about the final score and there were pleas among them to utilize the SEC’s running clock rule moving forward.

The running clock starts in the second half when a team leads by 30 points in the second half, according to Risoli.

According to Tober’s report, Risoli was not aware of the rule beforehand.

The report added host schools are responsible putting the rule into effect and once the running clock starts, the time won’t return back to normal timing. The rule is also supposed to be at the scorer’s table and all SEC boys and girls basketball coaches have to have the regulations at each game, and any coach or school violating the rule is subject to penalties by the conference, according to the report.
(Barstool Sports)
user avatar
Deplorable Duke16 months
frick that! Next time, shut those bitches out!
user avatar
Placekicker16 months
This is what Socialism looks like in sports, ladies and gentlemen…
user avatar
griswold16 months
The opposing coach should be suspended for having a shitty team and losing by too much.
user avatar
Geaux Guy16 months
If you’re pushing for a state title, these early season games allow you to work on a lot of stuff. They probably executed.
user avatar
ImaObserver16 months
Sportsmanship would require playing the bench warmers and letting the top players watch them get some experience on the court in competition.
user avatar
DVinBR16 months
git gud or git out
user avatar
Stiles16 months
Participation ribbon mentality.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn16 months
Maybe the other team deserved it
user avatar
chalmetteowl16 months
Maybe if you know you’re going to beat them by 70, don’t play them
user avatar
BatonRougeBuckeye16 months
the pussification of America
user avatar
ExpoTiger16 months
What a joke.
user avatar
75503Tiger16 months
Great job of teaching the athletes that playing at full potential is not welcome. These ladies shouldnt have to sit out because an opponent sucks, suspend whomever scheduled the crappy opponent
user avatar
raceboy16 months
What a pussy arse world. Good for him. Hope he comes back and beats the piss out of someone else.
user avatar
CNB16 months
I would take that suspension as a badge of honor
user avatar
ItNeverRains16 months
Why even keep score in women’s basketball? It’s women
user avatar
Hangit16 months
"It's not my job to stop my team from scoring. It's your job. If you don't want to be scored on, do something to stop it." The Old Ball Coach
user avatar
GeauxTigers010716 months
Shoulda suspended the guy who let his team get beat 70, not this guy.
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