Now I want Georgia to definitely lose. On last night's "Inside the NBA," host Ernie Johnson, who is a University of Georgia alum, predicted that his alma mater will beat TCU "45-17." However, Shaquille O'Neal wasn't having it, so he threw down this offer...
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Lynxrufus201217 months
The horned toad knows the way to go. It says to go to Mexico. (and hide)
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SECdragonmaster17 months
Where is the video update?
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southernboisb17 months
Didn't he screw up the UGA fight song last time he lost?
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tigerbutt17 months
Ate frog legs last night at Dukes. Never had a horn frog though.
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ElTigreFuego18 months
He said that knowing he’s had frog legs before as student.
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FlexDawg18 months
A horned frog isn’t actually a frog, it’s a lizard. More specifically a Texas horned lizard.
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cajunmud18 months
Those horned frogs are probably a protected species, idk, he might have to go to the zoo to eat one.
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TutHillTiger18 months
Shaq is the man
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Leopold18 months
Frog legs are awesome. Ain't that big of a deal.
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BayouFann18 months
It's gonna be a big deal if he loses but most of us here know it will be a deep fried bull frog. This is one of those "nothing to see here" for most of us
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Timeoday18 months
Shaq said he was going to eat a horned frog. I do not know if they are as tasty as a bull frog.
user avatar
Che Boludo18 months
Who doesn't like frog legs?
user avatar
BobABooey18 months
Paige said she’d apply a heavy fake tan, strap on some Spanx, and dress like a whore for pics if either team wins.
user avatar
deuce98518 months
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