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Just in case you haven't been keeping up with the Kardashians and thier love for athletes, The Spun has collected a list of them all for you...

Kim Kardashian

- Reggie Bush (NFL)
- Miles Austin (NFL)
- Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer)
- Kris Humphries (NBA)

Khloe Kardashian

- Rashad McCants (NBA)
- Derrick Ward (NFL)
- Lamar Odom (NBA)
- Matt Kemp (MLB)
- Rick Fox (NBA)
- James Harden (NBA)
- Tristan Thompson (NBA)

Kendall Jenner

- D'Angelo Russell (NBA)
- Chandler Parsons (NBA)
- Jordan Clarkson (NBA)
- Blake Griffin (NBA)
- Ben Simmons (NBA)
- Kyle Kuzma (NBA)
Devin Booker (NBA)
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user avatar
ncinthenext313 months
They're like buckets of KFC.....full of dark meat
user avatar
Nativecoonass13 months
They have definitely fukd waaay more than this list.
user avatar
And Moms banged a former Olympic gold medalist icon turned shim.
user avatar
panzer13 months
A lot of sailors, I mean Sea Men on that list.
user avatar
4x4tiger13 months
List is too dark. Can't see
user avatar
Tiger in Texas13 months
First off, they are the KarTRASHian family. How they became famous is still beyond me, other than being NBA whores.
user avatar
RogerTempleton13 months
women watch their show like men watch sports.
user avatar
lsuson13 months
I’m seeing a common theme. Hmmm
user avatar
Northshoretiger8713 months
Kardashian ( - noun: “cum bucket; large Receptacle of men’s semen.”
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan13 months
Ran through whores.
user avatar
24chevrolet4813 months
Sound like used up .. out
user avatar
Domeskeller13 months
You should rename the headline to "list of dudes that have an STD or worse."
user avatar
Le Tenia13 months
They def have a type
user avatar
LSUSkip13 months
Money and/or fame.
user avatar
Mulkey Man13 months
Maybe the highlight of Rashad McCants' NBA career.
user avatar
burke98513 months
Blake Griffin the only white dude on the list
user avatar
Cheese Grits13 months
Is he all white?
user avatar
DemSaintsDoh13 months
Chris Humphries is white. Very white. Lol
user avatar
cajunmud13 months
Isn't it bizarre how much wealth these bimbos have created? This is straight from a movie where the main character makes a deal with the devil. It's that unbelievable.

Only in America...and it's dumbed down population.
user avatar
StizzyWizz13 months
They haven't created shite
user avatar
StanSmith13 months
It would have been quicker to cut and paste all of the black players from the NBA and NFL rosters.
user avatar
bengalman13 months
user avatar
GeauxWrek13 months
what does it mean to 'date' nowadays?
user avatar
cajunmud13 months
When you've been banging for at least 6 months.
user avatar
jawnybnsc13 months
. . . now do the rappers.
user avatar
The Torch13 months
Torch - Zips pants back up and backs out of the door slowly
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