Looks like the ladies of Tates Creek and Henry Clay high school in Kentucky don't like each other very much. Per Lex18...

One week ago, the Tates Creek and Henry Clay girls had a fight on the Commodores floor that resulted in a Blue Devil player being suspended.

Friday night, the same teams played at Henry Clay. The Blue Devils were leading 52-25 with 1:03 left in the third quarter when a couple of players got tied up fighting for the ball. One pulled the other down, and an official immediately jumped in to try and break it up.

Several punches were thrown by a Henry Clay player while a Tates Creek player on the bottom of the pile started kicking at one of the Blue Devils.

Both coaches sent their players to their respective locker rooms and the referees quickly conferred and decided to call the game for player safety. It will be up to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association as to whether or not Henry Clay gets the win and which players could serve suspensions.

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Floating Change Up88 months
The biggest disappointment in this video... those damn cheerleaders just standing there. You have one job cheerleader squad.
user avatar
MountainCat88 months
Lol at broad in the high heels running in at the 14 second mark like she was going to do something then changing her mind.
user avatar
Chicken88 months
Cat Fight!
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wallowinit88 months
I put this squarely on the shoulders of the officials. They don't make proper calls and allow these players to make excessive contact and slap at one another often connecting with arms and hands. The game then gets heated and something like this results. Basketball officiating is HORRIBLE nowadays. This notion of "letting them play" is bullshite and has ruined what was once a beautiful sport.
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KennabraTiger88 months
Not a brawl
user avatar
bayou200388 months
You call that a brawl? Maybe I watched a different video.
user avatar
OldNo.788 months
Who's watching their kids?
user avatar
Wolfhound4588 months
We have finally achieved equal opportunity.
user avatar
dbeck88 months
Bra breaks out between Kentitty Wildtwats.
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tigress4life88 months
So poorly written I had to read twice to determine who's who. Henry Clay Blue Devils are wearing white while Tates Creek Commodores are in red. Great acting performance by #14 Blue Devil while walking off court; she commits battery connecting on five punches to a downed player and then acts like she's the victim. "which players"? Seriously? #34 B.Devil season and high school BB career should be over. #2 red Tate player should be suspended, but the B.Devils should NOT get the win. In fact the Henry Clay B Devil girl's BB season should be canceled; wouldn't want any suggestion of inequality in expected standard of behavior for the student athlete, should we, because didn't a couple of high school boys hockey teams have their seasons canceled because a few of the players were accused of telling anti-Semitic jokes amongst themselves. And the ref facing away from the fight should be made to watch the video over and over, 'cause he just looks silly and clueless.
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AtlantaLSUfan88 months
You nailed it. Should email this to a Kentucky paper.
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LSU$$$88 months
Don't see a #14. Could that be #34? Main culprits seem to be Clay #34 and Tate #2. And Tate #2 has a legitimate complaint. She got mugged!
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emanresu88 months
Damn I dunno why but I was expecting a bunch of white girls. Just kidding.
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BigDropper88 months
Where's the "huge brawl"?
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Wild Thang88 months
This makes me want to watch more women's basketball!!
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Patrick_Bateman88 months
#2 on the red team is mad about getting her arse beat. People who have screaming tantrums are complete trash.
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Chazzy McRamzee88 months
That lady at the end was reliving the fight as she walked to the locker room.
user avatar
pjab88 months
Those fundamentals tho
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