According to Terence Foy of Inside Lacrosse, Alabama QB Tyler Buchner has entered the NCAA transfer portal with the designation "men's lacrosse"...
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TexasTiger893 months
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TouchdownTony3 months
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rjokerlsu3 months
It's great that he had the option to play another sport and that he will apparently have the chance to do so. Not everyone is talented at football and not everyone is talented at lacrosse.
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NASA_ISS_Tiger3 months
My son plays both but his heart is in lacrosse. Mostly because of who the coaches are, but he's talented enough to play FOGO in Lax and CB in football.
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Dadren3 months
USF made his arse quit
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Timeoday3 months
He saw a season of SEC Football and it scared him.
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Sevensblue3 months
More like he saw the academics of the SEC and it scared him. He knows his future lies in his education
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6R123 months
so ghey lol
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