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re: Florida’s football talk

Posted by Airpower on 10/2/19 at 10:44 am
Gonad is just a CUCK...
Uh 24 - had a fumble recover for a TD and a pick six ... that’s 24 dumbass...

re: Anyone work for the DEA?

Posted by Airpower on 9/18/19 at 10:38 am
Mary Jane is a misdemeanor unless your distributing or have 20 grams or more. In most states and legal in many both recreational and medical .. DEA AINT MESSING WITH MARY J USERS !! Nerd !!...
Points per game is more relevant- never seen yards per game on a score board !...
Stop eating the colors jarhead...

re: Afraid I’m going to leave Apple

Posted by Airpower on 9/14/19 at 12:09 pm
Ok ???? bye Felecia ...

re: The receiving Corp or Corps

Posted by Airpower on 9/9/19 at 1:17 pm
It was Jefferson I believe...

re: We can't be this stupid

Posted by Airpower on 9/8/19 at 11:03 am
Shut the frick up retard...