Johnny Manziel is taking a stand years later...
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BurrowToChase26 days
Go away Johnny loser. No one gives a shite. Go snort some coke in honor of your morals
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Who gives a crap what he thinks
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Water Mocassin1 month
I’m sure the other Heisman winners will miss you parking and retrieving their cars at the ceremony.
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Koolazzkat1 month
I’m skipping the ceremony too, Johnny. Until OJ gets his back.
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Geaux Guy1 month
His morals and values? What?
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faraway1 month
just an excuse not to go. a real stand would be giving his back.
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windmill1 month
Johnny Football: Still on the pipe.
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Morpheus1 month
Some people make the dumbest stands at the dumbest times in their life. Why now? Seems you have semi turned your life around, how about use those Heisman contacts for another things in your career/life right now.
Seems like the guy needs some type of total extreme going on in his life or he can’t get by.
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VerbalKint1 month
I’m surprised this guy is still alive to get honest
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Tigerwm231 month
I’m sure the committee is devastated
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gizmothepug1 month
The Heisman comity is a joke just like the NCAA in today’s world of college football/college sports in general.
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GusAU1 month

Looks like we have a bammer grad here…
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noun: comity; plural noun: comities

an association of nations for their mutual benefit.
the mutual recognition by nations of the laws and customs of others.
plural noun: comity of nations; noun: comity of nations
courtesy and considerate behavior toward others.
"a show of public comity in the White House"
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mytigger1 month
Heisman Committee: Promise?
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PhifeDogg1 month
Johnny has morals, y'all.
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Jacherse1 month
No. One. Cares.
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Dmm1 month
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Typical Aggy little brother move
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Rebel1 month
If he were serious about sacrifice, he would quit taking cocaine and commit to taking 2 drugs tests per week until they give it back.

As it stands he is just a druggie supporting a guy that cheated.
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KennabraTiger1 month
I’m sure the Heisman folks are devastated
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Shooter1 month
Can this dude just go away and STFU
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Dadren1 month
Reggie Bush should absolutely get his Heisman back, but lol at Johnny Eight-ball talking about things that don’t sit right with his “morals”.
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POTUS20241 month
He broke the rules. He should have lost a lot more than that trophy. He's a cheater.
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