Lolo Jones showing us other ways she stays fit when she's injured...

When I’m injured my goal is to find different things to stay fit. Dancing can get your heart rate up just as much as a run. If you can’t do your normal workouts change it up. #shuffle #iDontKnowKeke #imoveme

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Did she get implants?
Reply9 days
I wouldn't care if she did. IWHI. Just sayin'.
8 days
Hey... look at me! Look at me!!!
Reply10 days
1st....???? Please
Reply10 days
Imagine if Lolo and Tebow had kids.
Reply10 days
The immaculate conception?
10 days
Seems like if she can do that she could also run. What is her injury?
Reply10 days
“When I’m injured my goal is to find different things to post to get attention” - fixed it for the instaskank
Reply10 days
Girl, just cause I broke your heart don’t say you’re injured. See you on Maury.
Reply10 days
Oh my, another lesbian with a hat on cliche.
Reply10 days
So does she like boys or girls
Reply10 days
Moving like that, what is injured?
Reply10 days
I wish more women had legs like that
Reply10 days
Lolo sure is in shape and doesn't have a hard time at all going up the stairs. On the other hand, its hard for me when I stare.
Reply10 days
That boy got some moves
Reply10 days
Reply10 days
Yes. More of this and less of that alien Iggy!
Reply10 days
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