South Carolina Offensive Coordinator Had This Blunt Message To QB Spencer Rattler
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While speaking to the media on Tuesday, South Carolina offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield shared his brutally honest comment to his new QB Spencer Rattler, who just transferred from Oklahoma... (The Spun)
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They stink
Reply25 days
I’ve never heard of this coach.
Reply27 days
I have the exact same blunt message to Larry Leo as to his so-called journalistic skills.
Reply27 days
Did Satterfield just eat a booger?
Reply28 days
Nobody thinks about South Carolina's OC.
Reply29 days
First of all, I think about South Carolina’s OC. Secondly, I neither know or care about Rattler’s past. I do, however, care about his future and know without a doubt if Shane Beamer thought he is or would continue to be a distraction, troublemaker or not a team player, he would not have offered him a scholarship. Everyone deserves a second chance and this is no exception.
27 days
I suppose it’s a few more than the number that think about you
27 days
I got flamed for saying he didn't have a bad attitude and wasn't developed, but it's true. Riley's previous 3 QB's were very experienced and very talented transfers. Look at Riley's first freshman QB Rattler. First year, started poor but did improve as the year went along. 2nd year, looked like arse and got benched. This was the Heisman favorite and projected 2023 #1 draft pick. In comes another freshman QB, Caleb Williams. Super talented, but had to rely on talent alone. Got progressively less effective as the year went on and his stats fell off the map because defenses figured out the guy relies on hero-ball.. because he wasn't developed. Again - Baker, Kyler, Jalen all transferred with skills and experience and flourished against Big 12 defenses. They're all very good QB's no doubt, but the "QB Whisperer" reputation is a myth to those of us paying attention. Rattler is arrogant, but according to current players, he doesn't have a bad attitude. Though he definitely had a falling out with Riley. You guys will see about Rattler. And we will all see what happens with Riley @ USC over time.
24 days
Satterfield you do suck.
Reply29 days
Rattler is gonna be running for his life if our offensive line doesn't improve. Doesn't bode well for his attitude unless he undergoes some serious changes.
Reply29 days
The attitude talk is all noise. His attitude was fine at OU. Hindsight, Rattler is a very good QB with an elite arm who wasn’t developed under OU’s prior staff. Beamer is a good match. Bookmark all the people dogging Rattler, you will have the last laugh
29 days
"who wasn’t developed under OU’s prior staff." You mean the coach who had back to back Heisman QBs, followed by the runner-up? Doesn't seem like the coach can be blamed for an inability to develop QBs...
29 days
Rattlers attitude at OU was not fine. This is well established by OU insiders. He did not get along with teammates, he threw a fit when Lincoln benched him, he actively rooted against Williams on the sidelines to other players, he did not participate with the team in their post game cheer with fans after the Texas game because he was pissy over getting benched and the next day he removed “OU quarterback” from his social media, leaving just “quarterback”. The guy is a punk.
29 days
big deal. if the coach were honest he would have told Rattler to be a team player and that he will have to work hard at changing his attitude.
Reply29 days
I can assure you Shane Beamer made that VERY clear before he signed him.
27 days
Rattler needs an attitude adjustment more than anything
Reply29 days
For Spencer, it goes far beyond just stinking. He is a flagrant a-hole and cold out his own teammates like they were subservient. Not at all a leadership style more of a condescending style. frick Spencer rattler
Reply29 days
When playing Rattler was the highest rated QB under pressure per PFF. Rattlers teammates loved him. Lincoln Riley was the issue and now you know why, he was one foot out the door since the USC job came open.
29 days
"Lincoln Riley was the issue and now you know why, he was one foot out the door since the USC job came open".... yea, Lincoln Riley is a terrible developer of QBs. If only his QBs could've had any success at all.
28 days
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