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re: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
“ Narcissist’s love the confusion they create. They love the control it gives them and the smoke screen it allows them to hide behind. They mix lies with the truth, blame those closest to them and attempt to convince their nearest and dearest that there is something wrong with them. The more confused you are, the more in control they feel.”

I am praying for you.

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re: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
You can’t change someone with NPD. Period. Disconnect and block and never look back, that is the only solution.

NPDs are addicted to narcissistic supply, that good feeling when you get positive feedback from others. They also get narcissistic supply when they feel powerful and in control of others. During the initial infatuation phase of a relationship the NPD gets tons of positive reinforcement form their significant other and the feelings are reciprocated for a while. The NPD is in heaven and all seems well until over time the addict isn’t getting as much narcissistic supply from the victim. As all relationships do, the infatuation phase turns to a more normal day to day relationship without the love bombing. Normal people will develop strong lasting bonds of love and trust at this point but a NPD will start feeling unsatisfied as the narcissistic supply isn’t as strong in the relationship. This is when they start to abuse and gaslight and manipulate to make themselves feel powerful and more important than the victim. They are an addict and need the narcissistic supply, doesn’t matter if they get it from the initial infatuation phase or if they get it from being an emotional abuses, they will get that narcissistic supply or they will die. Just like meth or heroin.

My own experience with an NPD is typical. They will go from being the best thing that has ever happened to you to making you feel crazy and guilty all of the time. I was able to disconnect completely only after understanding NPD and the addict concept I laid out above. I hope it helps you.

NPDs love keeping a harem or stockpile of relationships that they can keep going back and forth with different victims in order to get that fresh infatuation phase “love” over and over again. They will bring old love interests or new potential love interests around just to keep the victim on their toes and feeling threatened... for fun. It’s cruel.

They will never show true empathy for others.. Normal people do not act this way.

Nothing is ever the NPDs fault.

I could go into many more examples of my own experience with an NPD but will just summarize by saying they will do hurtful things in a relationship that a normal person with empathy would not do or would feel guilty about. All the while projecting or gaslighting the problem into the victim. It is like living in an alternate reality. NPDs can abuse their siblings, their parents or relatives, their friends and not just love interests.
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re: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Understand that with this man, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. This is the love of my life, the person I feel God sent me as a gift for enduring things in my past. So while no one is ever perfect, I will tell you he’ll admit I’ve been trying with everything I have to fix things, make things work, etc. And he will admit that he hasn’t been doing the same.

Here’s your problem. Turn the page, it’s a lost cause.

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re: Narcissistic Personality Disorder


I swear we share an ex

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re: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
My SO's ex is a narcissist, 100%. Makes me feel even worse for her. The dude is still trying to do all these things.

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